Forever 21 Faux Leather Handbag Review

About a month ago, I got my first handbag from Forever 21. A week before that I asked you guys to help me pick one from H&M because that’s where I thought I’d get my first handbag. I wanted to wait until winter because that’s when I will be getting the most out of it, but I think it’s been long enough for me to be able to review it. So, here’s my review of the Faux Leather Handbag from Forever 21.



The first thing I’d like to point out is how close this bag looks to a luxury handbag. It’s not the leather that makes it look luxurious but the style of the handles. The way they have been sown onto the bag and the thickness of the handles give that look. You can see what I’m talking about in the post I linked above.

The hardware on this bag is nice for a $40 handbag. The color of it isn’t loud and it’s quite sturdy and the zippers feel smooth when you open and close the bag. There also isn’t too much hardware on it either. I hate it when bags have a lot of shiny hardware on them because it takes away the beauty of the bag. Bags that are more minimalistic and don’t have a lot of hardware on them are better looking and show the beauty of the design and the leather being used on the bag.


The texture of the leather on this bag is a little inconsistent. There are some areas on the bag that are smoother than others. That might be something you see on many leather handbags but it’s noticeable here.

I also don’t like the winged gussets. They aren’t that loud but I would’ve liked a bag with gussets that go in when the bag is closed. It’s hard to find a good bag in that price range that doesn’t have winged gussets ever since everyone started copying the Celine Luggage Tote.

Using it

When I first got this handbag, I didn’t know what to put in it. I was trying to find stuff to put in it and even once just left with nothing in it just so I could have it with me. That won’t be so difficult in the winter though because I will need a place to keep my scarf, gloves, and hand cream. For now I just carry a camera, Chapstick, the shoulder strap, and anything else I might need at the moment.

Speaking of the shoulder strap, I didn’t know how difficult it would be to do simple tasks with a handbag. The shoulder strap helps if I need to use both hands frequently when I’m at the store. That seems obvious but I can’t tell you how much it helps when I go shopping.

Overall, this is a great handbag. There may be somethings I don’t like, but there are more things that I do like. This handbag isn’t available online anymore but you can still get in stores or you can just go to to find more bags like it.

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