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WPC decking – sustainable innovation for outdoors

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The innovative WPC decking are extremely weather-resistant, sustainable and very easy to care for. The high-quality patented material is a composite material and is particularly impressive due to its high quality standard. The abbreviation WPC stands for Wood-Plastic-Composites. The material consists of a mixture of polypropylene or polyethylene and wood flour. Depending on the product, the wood content is up to 90%. WPC is extremely environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. The material has great potential and it is not surprising that manufacturing technology has developed at an incredible pace in recent years and that new products made of this material are constantly coming onto the market.

Convincing solution for garden and terrace design – WPC decking

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The surface of the decking made of the innovative wood-synthetic composite material feels like wood. No painting is required. The natural appearance of the covering is preserved for several years. Since the composite boards from WPC are created by combining the natural material wood with plastic, they optimally meet all requirements such as moisture resistance and environmental friendliness. In contrast to traditional wooden planks, there are no maintenance costs to be expected after installation. Due to the high proportion of inorganic material, neither animal nor vegetable pests can attach themselves to the material. Therefore the boards are not necessarily cheap in price.

WPC decking – durable decking

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WPC decking can be used anywhere outdoors. With the practical and simple click system and a little manual dexterity, assembly is not a complicated activity – the planks are simply plugged into one another and thus form a stable surface. The terrace covering made of WPC makes the outside space more attractive and modern.

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WPC decking are environmentally friendly, easy to install and durable. Another advantage is the weather resistance and pest-repellent effect. There are WPC products in so many designs and surface designs that there is definitely something for every taste – from light to dark, from floorboards to tiles.

Decking boards are easy to install thanks to the click system

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Environmentally friendly WPC decking with a light bamboo content

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WPC terraces have bamboo content that is sustainable and environmentally friendly

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