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Wood parquet as flooring – real wood for a cozy atmosphere

wood parquet living room-design-flooring-sofa-black

A parquet floor, whether real wood parquet or in the form of laminate, ensures a warm atmosphere. It is also easy to care for, making it a preferred floor covering. In the apartment that we would like to present to you today, exactly this flooring was chosen and that Wood parquet undoubtedly makes a major contribution to the comfort that exudes the entire apartment. Here are some pictures from the interesting interior:

Wood parquet and white walls

wood parquet pillar-white-wall-design-planks-real wood

The attractive apartment with wooden parquet and modern character is located in Italy and more precisely in Rome. It has a living area of ​​120 square meters and was recently renovated. The team from Carola Vannini Architecture Designs is responsible for the design. The warm floor enables white walls without the ambience appearing too cold.

Wood parquet for a cozy atmosphere

wood parquet sliding-doors-hall-furnishing-italy-rome-apartment

Originally the apartment with wood parquet consisted of dark, narrow and uninviting rooms. The use of large sliding doors resulted in open spaces that can, however, be locked if necessary. The individual rooms can be redesigned as required to adapt them to the needs of the owners.

Open living spaces

wood parquet apartment-design-modern-furnishing-simple-minimalistic

The uncomfortable ambience of the original design of the apartment was not only improved by the wood parquet and the light walls. There are also various lighting systems that create a cozy atmosphere in the evening. Indirect lighting is just one of the options. Modern lamps and chandeliers add style to the rooms.

Wood floorboards in the kitchen

wood parquet kitchen-island-bar chairs-lamps-modern

The kitchen can be open to the living room and its color matches the rest of the apartment. A kitchen island made of stainless steel with modern chairs and minimalist kitchen cabinets in white create a stylish interior. Wood parquet not only adorns the floor but also one of the walls.

Modern luminous bodies

wood-parquet-dining area-dining table-textile-chairs-wire-lamp

Despite the open living style of the apartment with wooden parquet, the private rooms such as the bedroom, children’s room and bathroom are designed separately. In this way, you guarantee complete privacy, even when there are visitors. Next to the living room there is another area that serves as a work area, but can also be used as a guest room.

Work and guest rooms


For this purpose, a comfortable, pull-out sofa is used, the color of which goes wonderfully with the wood parquet. This room is given privacy again by sliding doors. These disappear into the walls when opened. The partition wall behind the desk is also used for projecting films and makes film evenings particularly pleasant.

Establishment of the work area

wood-parquet-guest room-children's room-beige-sofa-minimalism-lighting

Here you can see what the work area looks like behind the partition. It is possibly the only area of ​​the apartment that does not have a wood parquet flooring. The walls are given an interesting texture by shelves and are attractively illuminated by light systems. From this area there is also direct access to the terrace.

Wooden parquet and attractive lighting


The simple and stylish design can also be found in the bedroom. A built-in shelf with wooden parquet is a special eye-catcher here. The highlight is the golden wall color, which is additionally highlighted by the indirect lighting. The white built-in wardrobes with sliding doors are hardly noticeable and therefore do not take up too much space.

Real wood parquet for the children’s room

wood-parquet-study-desk-eames-chair-black-window frames

The apartment has two children’s rooms, which are also equipped with wooden parquet. There is also modern furniture in a matching color. Both children’s rooms are separated from each other by sliding doors. If these are open, the rooms have a more spacious look and the children can communicate better with each other.

Space-saving furniture

wood-parquet-children's room-idea-inspiration-wall shelves-single bed

The space-saving furniture is also noticeable in the children’s rooms. This includes a built-in wardrobe with a bed underneath but also this modern desk with an attached bed. A highlight is the trendy Eames chair, which gives modern furnishings a certain retro flair. Stylish shelves on the walls provide storage space.

Wooden floor in the bathroom

wood-parquet-elegant-bathroom-wash-cabinet-glass wall-shower

The bathroom was designed darker. The wood parquet is combined with stylish, gray walls, while the wash cabinet is white. The floor-level shower is partly open and partly has a glass partition. Built-in shelves provide storage space without taking up too much space.

Design by Carola Vannini Architecture.