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Which wall color for terracotta tiles? – Practical design tips and ideas

Wall paint for terracotta tiles nuances variety natural design

Natural materials are all the rage. In hectic everyday life, they give a calming note and when used in a balanced way, they can wonderfully complement both minimalist and rustic furnishings. Whether as flooring, wall cladding, wall painting, home accessories or textiles, terracotta is celebrating a comeback in the interior. The scorched earth material was very popular in the 1990s, and not just for flower pots. It was currently presented in different versions at the home fairs and it also looked amazingly good in color. The terracotta floors, which appear earthy, warm and Mediterranean, are particularly popular. We present here which wall color goes well with terracotta tiles and how they can be integrated into the interior in a modern way.

The colors of nature in the interior: terracotta

Wall color for terracotta tiles nuances color harmonious interior

While pastel and cool colors have dominated in recent years, natural colors are the new furnishing trend today. This makes you feel more secure and the rooms immediately appear much more comfortable. Warm materials and tones convey a feeling of living that is particularly valued in the private sector. Terracotta tiles are a good choice as flooring for hallways, kitchens, living rooms and even for sleeping areas. However, many connect terracotta with highly polished, red-tiled house entrances and clay accessories. However, the comeback is often interpreted more modern and timeless than the original. Terracotta comes in a new form and, above all, unglazed.

Terracotta tiles at home

Wall paint for terracotta tiles living room white wooden beams

Terracotta comes from the Mediterranean region and means “burnt earth” in Italian. It is best known as an inseparable part of the Mediterranean interior style. In reality it is nothing more than controlled fired clay. The building material, which is easy to manufacture, is characterized by its typical rust-red color and pronounced robustness. Already in antiquity, in the Renaissance and later, the material was of great importance. As a building material, terracotta is still used today as wall and floor covering and also for vases and all crockery. Depending on the design and processing method, terracotta is available in many different nuances.

Terracotta tiles today

Wall paint for terracotta tiles white living room mediterranean rustic

Today, terracotta comes in all its variety of tones and, above all, matt and unglazed. The light, powdery nuances and straight lines are very topical. The natural, rather rough look of the material is targeted, which no longer looks earthy and rustic, but rather conveys a pleasant lightness. If you used to combine terracotta tiles with sun yellow and orange, today you rely on noble gray tones, watery blue and green and a lot of white. Other natural materials in the form of carpets, fabrics, lights and furniture complete the look.

Wall paint for terracotta tiles wood stainless steel kitchen brick

In the modern interior, terracotta is staged simply and as naturally as possible. Simple, clear shapes and matt surfaces is the recipe for a successful combination. Large areas, geometric shapes such as rectangles, diamonds, stripes, squares, triangles and hexagons, as well as tangram and zigzag patterns make terracotta look attractive. Flowers and playful ornaments with organic shapes, on the other hand, are considered old-fashioned. Dark nuances and contrasts create exciting accents. Deep, noble colors, dark wood and the trendy metallic colors copper and brass go perfectly with terracotta tones.

Which wall color for terracotta tiles: tone on tone

wall color terracotta tiles clinker bare stone wall

If a terracotta floor is available, it is just too bad to remove it. You are sure to ask yourself: which wall color to choose for terracotta tiles? Regardless of whether it is a floor covering or wall cladding, it is particularly important for a trendy look that the surface is matt. This is how terracotta looks contemporary and modern. Other shades of red and natural materials such as clinker and brick go particularly well with this. Light, pastel terracotta tones or the so-called and extremely popular nude tones are particularly suitable for large surfaces and furniture. Dark wood creates exciting accents.

Wall color for terracotta tiles: yellow

wall color terracotta tiles yellow mediterranean bedroom

Terracotta used to be combined with yellow. Yellow wall paint exudes positive energy and brings sunshine into the room. That’s why she was so popular for years. Although the color is undoubtedly part of the Mediterranean interior design style, this combination is considered old-fashioned. Today yellow is used more discreetly or simply as an accent as a bright detail in the interior. This creates a fresh touch that goes perfectly with the terracotta.

Wall color for terracotta tiles: blue

wall color terracotta tiles kitchen yellow blue white

Bluish nuances are exactly the opposite of terracotta. The combination creates strong contrasts and immediately catches the eye. It is therefore advisable to use them only in a targeted manner in order to emphasize certain advantageous areas in the room. So you can paint the walls blue, design the fronts of cupboards or other pieces of furniture in blue.

Wall color for terracotta tiles: green

wall color terracotta tiles natural olive green wall

Red or terracotta and green are considered complementary colors in color theory. They mutually reinforce their effect and complement each other at the same time. This color combination is very versatile and can look calm as well as very strong. For the interior and furnishings, primarily pastel tones are combined, which are not very intense and convey a certain down-to-earth quality. The natural look is perfectly complemented by an olive-green wall color and terracotta tiles.

Wall color for terracotta tiles: gray

wall color terracotta tiles kitchen gray white wooden beams

For the lovers of the minimalist style who have a terracotta floor in their home, it can look disastrous at first glance. Instead of removing this robust and easy-care floor covering and not making any compromises with the interior, there is the option of using elegant gray tones for the rest of the design and furnishing of the room. As an extremely neutral color, gray takes away the earthiness and rustic effect of the natural material and at the same time puts its pleasant naturalness in the foreground.

wall color terracotta tiles kitchen light gray noble chic

Whether as concrete, marble or another natural stone, stainless steel or wall color, gray comes in different versions that can be wonderfully integrated into a modern interior in proper style. Prefer light nuances that do not create too strong contrasts, but rather mild color transitions and thus conjure up a harmonious atmosphere.

Wall color for terracotta tiles: white

wall color terracotta tiles kitchen white brass details

A wall color for terracotta tiles that always works extremely well is white. This color combination is considered timeless and looks extremely modern. In this way, the natural floor covering really comes into its own and the interior looks contemporary and fresh. Noble white surfaces give the warm earthy color an elegant, contemporary touch. The unique structure of the clay also provides a natural touch.

wall color terracotta tiles kitchen white modern country style

Furthermore, not only the flooring and the wall color play an important role in the furnishing. Exciting accents such as carpets, textiles, lights, furniture and other details contribute to the overall picture. Good partners for terracotta are above all neutral colors, light and dark wood, brass, copper and stainless steel. They make tarracotta tones look particularly noble.

wall color terracotta tiles bedroom cream white

Other natural materials such as natural wood, leather, wool or ceramic or wood, all go well with the terracotta tiles and the natural look. If there are still a few old treasures to be found in the basement, these can definitely be included in the facility. Combining antique or vintage furniture with a few newer pieces of furniture is a trick to add an eclectic touch to the interior.

wall color terracotta tiles white bathroom freestanding bathtub

Without a doubt, the decoration also makes a big difference. Whether stones, twigs, flowers or grass – everything that comes from nature goes well with a terracotta floor.

wall color terracotta tiles white bedroom light