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What types of wood are there for wooden floors and what should be considered

types of wood for wooden floor light wood living room dark border

When choosing hardwood floors, homeowners still have many decisions to make. There are many different types of wood for wooden floors available, as well as various patterns, styles, finishes and designs. So that you do not make the wrong choice, you should take all of this into consideration.

Types of wood for wooden floors in the kitchen

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You need to be aware that wood floors are relatively expensive, especially when compared to laminate, linoleum, carpeting, and other options. Although the price of hardwood floors has been going down in recent years, it’s still a pretty significant investment for any homeowner. Decide how much of your flooring you want to replace and consider your budget.

hard-wearing types of wood for wooden floors

oak flooring kitchen fireplace country style

Next, note the shelf life. Hardwood floors can withstand a lot of daily use, and in certain areas of the house you should make sure you have the best of the best. For example, if you have children and pets, you might need maple wood or some other hard-wearing type of wood. Fortunately, most wooden floors can be coated with a polyurethane varnish to add durability.

beautiful wood grain

wood floor Douglas grain natural beauty

Remember, you are not limited to maple, oak, and walnut. You can also consider eco-friendly options, such as sustainable bamboo. The most exciting thing about choosing the Types of wood for wooden floors is the choice of a pattern or the wood grain. You can enjoy the natural beauty of the grain in large wooden planks or parquet floors in a geometric pattern.

white kitchen and wooden elements

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spacious living area

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Scandinavian living room design

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warm wooden floors

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rustic bedroom

Solid wood flooring, bedroom, fur carpet

Wooden floor as a background for black and white furniture 

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Types of wood for wooden floors, living rooms, light fur ceilings, sloping ceilings

Contrasting materials

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Wooden floor in the bathroom

wooden floor in bathroom bathroom glass shower bathtub

modern living room in brown, black and white

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types of wood wood flooring terrace glazed dining area

Types of wood for wood flooring grain glazed terrace living room

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Types of wood for wooden flooring walnut living room gray leather furniture

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