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Useful to know: this is how the price for parquet floor coverings is determined

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The formation of Price for parquet floor-Deposits depend on several factors. First comes the exact type of flooring. The decisive factor is whether it is finished or whether subsequent operations must be carried out so that the additional finish can be achieved.

The price of parquet flooring – what does it depend on?

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The total cost of a complete flooring includes several elements that are an integral part of this buying process. It is undesirable to miss any of this, although it often happens to many buyers. For example, buying a certain type of flooring does not mean that you have taken care of the main product. No, not yet, here you have to calculate the following additional costs:

Accessories for laying

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Installation accessories – these are adhesives, sealants, varnishes, resins and other important accessories, the quality of which comes second, it comes from the parquet right after this. These materials guarantee a long-term durability of your parquet floor and a trouble-free movement of people on it for years to come. Prices vary, but in general the parquet varnishes in particular need to be tailored to the workload of the facility and its specific use.

Price for installation work

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The second crucial element in laying a floor covering is the price of the installation work. You will certainly come across various offers here, but if you choose a low price for installation work in your search, you must of course immediately think about whether the installation work offered is of good quality or not.

Price for parquet floor – how can you save

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Some companies offer their customers free delivery of the parquet, which is actually included in the final price. In other cases you have to pay extra for delivery. That is why it is always advisable to find out about the cost of transporting the flooring you have chosen in advance. Otherwise new, uncalculated expenses may arise. This can also put a strain on your household.

Parquet flooring profiles

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If your floor has already been delivered and installed, then the time has come for the finishing profiles and that is the skirting boards and skirting boards. The wooden floor has always had technological loopholes that should be hidden in some way. The skirting boards are used especially for this purpose, they are inserted between the wall and the parquet. Behind it you can hide these cables that were not built into the wall. The strips are the elements that are used to hide the transition between two surfaces, usually they are placed under doors.

With the appropriate surface finishing, the parquet floor becomes a highlight

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As you can see, many factors ultimately determine the final cost of the flooring, and it is not just the type of flooring itself that determines the final price. That is why our last tip to you is to seek advice from a specialist shop, you will get the best advice and ideas from a team of professional advisors. Then nothing can go wrong with your parquet floor! And that with the greatest possible certainty!

Warm shades of wood

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Rustic parquet floor

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