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Tiles for patios and balconies – practical tips and ideas for outdoors

No other floor covering beautifies the lounge area in the garden like tiles. But they are not only a great eye-catcher, but also a functional design element. Frost-proof and non-slip, they defy rain and snow without any problems and are therefore the perfect choice for the terrace and balcony. Nowadays there is a large selection of materials and colors so that everyone can find something that is suitable. For example, you can choose tiles with a wood look for your terrace or achieve a rustic look with natural stone. However, there are important points to keep in mind when buying tiles for your patio and balcony. For this reason we have put together some useful information for you in this post.

Tiles for patios and balconies: what to look out for when buying

modern roof terrace with awning for shade and designer furniture

In contrast to the tiles for interior walls and floors, exterior tiles have to withstand all temperature differences. So if you live in an area that is subject to freezing and thawing, you need materials that can withstand extreme changes in temperature. Porcelain stoneware, for example, has a very low water absorption rate and is therefore ideally suited for outdoor use.

large outside terrace with terrace tiles in polished gray fine stoneware

Another, far more important factor when choosing patio tiles is slip resistance. There is often moisture on an outdoor patio and the surface must be non-slip to prevent injury. You can tell how non-slip a tile really is by its slip resistance rating group. It can vary from R 9 to R 13. For the terrace and balcony, tiles with a slip resistance class of 10 or 11 provide sufficient support even when it is wet.

dark terrace tiles lay stone-look rectangular shape on a long balcony

Furthermore, the ease of care and the stain resistance play a decisive role in the choice of tiles. Glazed terrace tiles are generally considered to be easy to care for and are therefore well suited for heavily used surfaces such as terraces and balconies.

In addition, your outdoor terrace should be able to blend in with the overall landscape and the architectural features of your home. Fortunately, there are no limits to the imagination when it comes to optics. Renowned dealers offer a huge selection high quality tiles online. These can include large-format floor tiles for outdoor patios, which range from natural-colored, structured tiles in a square shape, through rectangular, dark variants with a stone look to glazed, matt surface structures. Therefore, choose colors and textures that harmonize perfectly with the style of the outdoor area.

Laying dark terrace tiles: How to beautify the outdoor lounge area

wide terrace tiled with stone terrace tiles and a view of the landscape

Whether on the terrace or for the pool area: With their attractive natural look, dark gray terrace tiles give the outdoor area a high-contrast tone. They fit harmoniously into the modern outdoor area and, together with puristic garden furniture, form an effective ensemble. If you want to give the lounge area character, you can opt for tiles in varying shades of gray.

Natural-colored tiles for the terrace and balcony bring holiday flair to the garden

summery weather on balcony with tiles, wood look and flowering climbing plants

Natural-colored large-area tiles with a rustic design are suitable for terraces in the green and their appearance ensures harmony in the outdoor area. Floor tiles with a grain are particularly popular. They adapt particularly well to rustic wooden garden furniture. Another advantage: minor flaws and weather damage are not noticed.

Light tiles for the terrace and balcony in a country house style

entrance with stairs to the garden outside terrace with terrace tiles laid in light shades

With their structured, deceptively real natural stone surface, light-colored exterior tiles blend particularly harmoniously into the terrace in the modern country house style. Dark garden furniture is the perfect combination partner because it lets the color of the tiles come to the fore.