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The wooden balcony floor – excellent appearance and weather resistance

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A nice alternative to the traditional balcony flooring made of stone, tiles or plastic panels is the Wooden balcony floor. There are different woods that are suitable for outdoor use – including Bangkirai, teak, larch wood or WPC (Wood Plastic Composite). Wood is warm, non-slip and extremely pleasant to walk on with bare feet. The wood covering is available in different colors and wood looks.

Wooden balcony floors – what makes it so popular?

Balcony floor made of wood - covering laying tips - outdoor area ideas

Der balcony floor made of wood is available in a variety of variants. Of course, you can buy ready-made elements to lay a wooden floor on the balcony. With a little manual skill, you can also build the wooden floor yourself. The finished floor elements made of wood are usually laid with a space in between. First, consider whether the boards of the wooden floor should run lengthways or crossways on your balcony. Cross-battens must be made from roof battens. A weather-resistant, elastic rubber seal is inserted into the joints of the wooden floor so that the area below remains protected from dirt and moisture can dry off.

WPC balcony flooring

Wooden balcony flooring, laying wooden flooring tiles on the balcony

This innovative balcony covering made of WPC combines the advantages of the extraordinary combination of wood and plastic. The easy-care and weather-resistant one Wooden balcony floor-Imitation is specially designed for outdoor use. The compact wooden tiles fit almost any surface and balcony model.

Real wood balcony and terrace floors 

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Those who prefer real wood can choose between different variants – larch floor in the typical light color, gray patinated teak or perhaps the reddish-brown Bangkirai. The wooden balcony floor can be provided with a weather-resistant coating so that the color can be retained. That makes it very tough. A beautiful Wooden balcony floor Not only does it look cozy, it is too.

Lay the wooden balcony floor

Balcony floor made of wood - balcony railing made of transparent glass - balcony floor lay wooden slats

Once the decision has been made in favor of a specific balcony floor, the question of which balcony railing is suitable also arises. Decide on a model that you like and that visually matches the facade of the house.

Decide on an optimal balcony floor

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Weatherproof wood

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Rustic wooden floor elements have a decorative effect

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Wooden balcony with metal railings

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Wooden slats in different wood tones

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Create a cozy sitting area on the balcony

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Balcony and terrace covering ideas

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Floor design ideas made of imitation wood

Bangkirai wooden terrace flooring advantages weather resistance

Weatherproof floor cladding for terraces

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The first-class look of the wood is very preferred

Terrace balcony wood flooring ideas weatherproof-warm look balcony furniture

Laying the wooden terrace

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Complete cladding in light wood

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Dark oiled wooden slats

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Wooden balcony floor with glass railing 

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Spacious wooden balcony floor with a beautiful view

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Relocated balcony with steel railing and wooden floorboards 

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Coherent lighting on the modern balcony

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Terrace with wooden floorboards and roofing

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Holiday home in the mountains with a wooden terrace

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Wooden balcony floor with wooden railing

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