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Solid wood planks from Bolefloor – wood flooring promotes life close to nature

Living room flooring planks beautiful shape bright color ideas

We present to you Solid wood floorboards, that are inspired by nature. The flooring is experiencing a renaissance and has been looking forward to increasing popularity in recent years.

Solid wood floorboards celebrate the return of natural wood in the interior

Solid wood living room furnishing ideas

Wood is all the rage again – wooden furniture is of course classics, but more and more people are pulling them too Solid wood floorboards as a floor covering. On average, they are more expensive than laminate flooring, but they also last longer – the investment is definitely worth it and will pay off over time. Proper care ensures that you can enjoy the flooring for a long time. Special care products for wood should be used at least twice a year. Over time, the wood can lose its original color – but even plank flooring can get a new shine – it must first be sanded down and then repainted.

Curved solid wood planks give a natural touch

Wall shelves modern furnishing floorboards

The mark Bolefloor has created a unique design – the slightly curved Solid wood floorboards are perfect for office facilities and public buildings as well as for residential buildings. The wooden floor gives every room character and creates a homely atmosphere. It looks particularly elegant when the floor is painted in a color that contrasts with the furniture. The planks are made from high quality local tree species such as oak, cherry and walnut. Depending on the quality, they are divided into three series – Select, Nature and Rustic. Colorful grains give the floor a rustic look. Each design is offered with or without joints – so that the right one can be found for every taste.

Oak wood for the floor in the dining room

Natural stone wall dining room minimalist decor dark ash

Light flooring makes the room look more spacious

One-room apartment attic skylight planks wood floor

Ash got well for flooring

Set up small apartment floorboards wood type dining area sofa

Royal style bedroom

Cherry flooring bedroom furnishings eclectic classic

The plank floor gives the cabinet a classy look

Cabinet set up cherry stone wall leather furniture design ideas

Wooden floor creates a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom

Wooden floor covering bedroom bed headboard curtains

The wooden balcony floor – excellent appearance and weather resistance

Planks with a curved shape

light flooring glass windows leather furniture plants

Flooring for the hallway

House flooring planks stairs wood modern architecture stylish

Garden house with wooden floor and glass facade

Garden shed bed design nice idea dark color walnut floor

Eclectic mix of rustic wood paneling and classic furniture

Floor wood ash solid planks 3 meters long

Ash living room set up nice idea seating area design

Eclectic decor, wooden floor, chairs, wall decoration

Living room sofa colorful wall blue white wall clock

Light oak grain decorating living room

Solid wood furniture table top curved shape office

Flooring wood glass facade industrial style wall

Flooring light wood color set up glass house conservatory

Flooring sea sun summer rattan furniture design

Plank floor from Bolefloor – Unusually curved solid wood planks