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Shiny kitchen tiles – living ideas from Italy

Kitchen tile decorating ideas

If you are looking for fresh ideas for your kitchen, this is it Kitchen tiles surely inspire. They have a shiny surface and can add to the chic interior. The Italian company Casa Dolce Casa  has come with a new multifunctional design that will surely fascinate you. Tiles with a metal look that reflect the interior. They can form a holistic motif or be used as accents. The chic designs and floral motifs look retro and exude timeless elegance that is difficult to replicate. Our favorite designs are the black kitchen tiles, which look amazingly beautiful and can be combined with the white tiles.

Kitchen tiles with a retro flavor

Metal kitchen tiles-modern design ideas

The Italian style can be clearly seen in the designs – the Kitchen tiles can go well with the classic interior, but can still be combined with minimalist furniture. You can even combine white and black tiles and create your own unique design. They are a great option as a replacement for the standard kitchen splashback and can go perfectly with a dark sink and furniture. The stylish mix of modern design and retro accents catches the eye and is a real eye-catcher.

Tasteful white tiles

Kitchen tiles white

Italian kitchen and bathroom tiles with interesting patterns

Kitchen tile pattern

Black tiles with floral motifs

black ornamented Italian tiles