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Sanded screed as flooring – 18 ideas for living with designer screed

Screed as a floor covering, sanded-screed-modern-interior-living area

The puristic look of Screed as a floor covering has become more and more popular in recent years and is enjoying increasing popularity in modern interior design. With the right coating, screed becomes hard-wearing and can therefore be used in every living space. In the following we summarize the advantages and disadvantages of the screed floor and present some nice living ideas with the trendy designer screed.

Screed as a floor covering – the modern decision for the living room

Screed as a floor covering, sanded-screed-Scandinavian-furnishing

The time when screed was only laid as a sub-floor is over. Screed is still used as a sub-floor in house and apartment construction, but now it is also considered a trendy floor covering that is perfect for living areas. The seamless floor has an elegant look that can enhance any room. Since the screed is always processed directly on site, every screed floor is unique. The basic material can be colored as desired and suits different living styles and rooms.

Ground screed as a floor covering

Screed as a floor covering modern-apartment-living-ideas-sanded-screed

The sanded screed, also known as exposed screed or designer screed, is considered to be one of the most stylish floor coverings for the home today. It gives an industrial flair that goes well with minimalist home furnishings. You can have the screed floor laid with both a matt and a high-gloss surface and thus design your own apartment individually.

Screed flooring in the kitchen – advantages

Screed as floor covering white-kitchen-modern-living-ideas-marble-kitchen-island

Sanded screed is a hard-wearing floor covering that is perfect for the needs in the kitchen. It is laid up to 100 square meters without jamming and thresholds and is therefore particularly easy to care for. If the surface is properly polished and sealed, it can then be easily cleaned with the usual cleaning agents.

Screed as a floor covering – the smart decision for the kitchen

Screed as a floor covering living area-kitchen-hard-wearing-robust-cheap

Because of its great properties, the screed can be laid as a floor covering in the kitchen and offers a practical alternative to linoleum or tiles. As a rule, the kitchen floor is constantly exposed to dirt and moisture, which is why it should above all be easy to care for. In this sense, in contrast to tiles, the screed floor does not have any joints that can be soiled by everyday use. Therefore, it can be cleaned much faster and more effectively, which is a great advantage for the most frequently used room in the home.

Why should you seal the exposed screed?

Screed-flooring-kitchen-hard-wearing-seamless-designer screed

In order to have the advantages mentioned above, the sealing of the screed is absolutely necessary. On the one hand, this protects the surface from abrasion, on the other hand, it is also hard-wearing and insensitive to spilled liquids and alkaline cleaning agents.

Design screed for a Scandinavian style kitchen

Screed-flooring-polished-screed-dining room-kitchen-stylish

Anyone who wants to lay screed in the kitchen ultimately receives a hard-wearing and easy-care surface that impresses with a modern design. The screed floor is perfect for modern kitchens in the Scandinavian or industrial furnishing style and can be beautifully combined with minimalist kitchen furniture.

Design screed and the possibilities for design


The stylish designer screed offers unlimited possibilities for designing the surface. On the one hand, any variation of the basic color can change the overall appearance of the room, on the other hand, beautiful effects can be achieved with the size and color of the grain, such as a noble terrazzo look.

Ground screed with underfloor heating

Screed-flooring-gray-scandinavian-furnishing-white-wood-living area

The screed as a floor covering can be laid with integrated underfloor heating and thus ensures more warmth and cosiness in winter. Even without underfloor heating, the screed floor has good heat and impact sound insulation, so the use of carpets is not necessary, but optional.

Screed as a floor covering in the outdoor area

Screed-flooring-exterior-terrace-dark gray-ourdoor-furniture

With a suitable sealant, the exposed screed can also be used outdoors. However, this also depends on the type of screed and should therefore be discussed with a specialist beforehand. Nevertheless, it is advisable to have a screed floor only laid in outdoor areas with a roof, such as terraces.

Screed as a floor covering for every living area


If you want to give your apartment a noble and unique look, then you can consider a screed floor. Whether in the kitchen, bedroom or living room – sanded screed ensures more aesthetics in the room and looks just as beautiful in combination with elegant carpets.

Combine screed floor with wood

Screed-flooring-living area-dining room-designer-screed-gray

The furnishing ideas for an apartment with screed as a floor covering are numerous. Gray screeds can be nicely combined with wooden furniture because they contrast with each other. A light floor covering can immediately set the scene for elegant designer furniture or furniture as a color accent.

Other properties of the surface of the screed floor


Screed as a floor covering is a good long-term decision because it is resistant to wear and tear. In addition, it offers high slip resistance even on wet floors, although it looks shiny. This has a certain advantage, especially for families with small children who are constantly walking around the house.

Screed as a floor covering – disadvantages

Screed-flooring-designer-screed-modern-furnishing-living area

In addition to the economic and visual advantages of the screed floor, there are also some disadvantages. The screed can shrink and crack if handled incorrectly. In addition, it needs a long drying time after installation, which is a disadvantage if you are partially renovating your home.

Have the screed laid or install it yourself?

Screed-flooring-modern-living room-wooden pillars-design screed

The laying of designer screed should ideally be carried out by a specialist in order to prevent accidents and unsatisfactory results. There are also several different types of screed that are suitable for different uses and have different properties. We therefore recommend that you seek advice from a professional before deciding on a screed floor.

Ground screed – industrial charm for your own four walls


The screed as a floor covering has become a real trend in interior design, as it brings the popular industrial charm into your own home. More and more interior designers rely on screed floors when they are concerned with furnishing an apartment in a modern style.

Attractive living ideas with a screed floor


The sanded exposed screed with a polished and shiny surface can give a certain elegance to the interior design of an apartment. This floor covering is in vogue and trend researchers predict that there should be ever greater demand for it in the next few years.

It is worth laying screed as a floor covering?

Screed-flooring-designer-screed-living room-light-tones-wooden furniture

If you are looking for a hard-wearing floor covering that is characterized by a unique look, great durability and ease of care, you can think about laying a screed floor. It represents an inexpensive alternative to other floor coverings and is perfect for a modern interior.