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Robotic 3D printers create modern terrazzo floors in numerous patterns

Terrazzo floor red white modern innovation §D printer

A Dutch company has developed a technology for producing terrazzo floors using the 3D printing process. During the Dutch Design Week 2017, which took place in Eindhoven from October 21-29, 2017, the Aectual team presented their 3D-printed flooring. The variety of colors and patterns is impressive.

Robot 3D printer geometric pattern flooring

The manufacturer Aectual uses huge robotic 3D printers to create the framework for its sustainable floor coverings, which is then filled with a mass of binding agent and gravel. This allows these floors to be adapted to rooms of any shape and size and made in all kinds of designs – from traditional patterns to individual motifs.

Terrazzo floor anthracite gray white scale pattern

“We make it possible to design terrazzo floors according to your own wishes and to create a unique design, for example in a hotel lobby or for a retail brand,” said Hans Vermeulen, CEO of Aectual. “This gives designers complete freedom of design.”

Terrazzo floor gray white modern pattern geometric

Vermeulen and his co-founders, Hedwig Heinsman and Martine de Wit, are better known as the partners of DUS Architects – the architecture firm working on the creation of a 3D printed canal house in the Dutch capital, Amsterdam. The trio founded Aectual as a commercial spin-off company specializing in 3D printed building products.

In cooperation with the engineering office Arup, they created their first floor covering using the 3D printing process in the “Loft” department store in Tokyo last year. They are currently working on a 600 square meter floor covering for Amsterdam’s Shiphol Airport.

modern terrazzo floors made by robots

The process consists of printing out the desired pattern using a robot with six degrees of freedom – that is, it can move forwards and backwards, up and down, and left and right by rotating between the X, Y and Z axes. The material used for the print is a bioplastic made from plants that is fully recyclable.

Terrazzo floor 3D printer made wave pattern

Once the printing process is complete, the framework is transported to its final destination. The frame, which is only a few centimeters thick, is then filled with a terrazzo made of recycled granite or marble chippings and a bio-based binder. After the mixture has hardened, the terrazzo floor is polished.

Terrazzo floor scale pattern white gray

According to Aectual, the tarrazzo floors are of high quality and wear-resistant. Thanks to the use of recycled and environmentally friendly materials, the floors should also generate little or no waste.

“Our materials are bio-based or recycled and our production process is waste-free and clean,” says the company’s website. “Our flooring solutions offer a great opportunity for companies to demonstrate their responsibility to preserve the environment.”

Terrazzo floor modern black and white bench by the window

Terrazzo flooring with a modern black and white pattern

Terrazzo floor geometric pattern houseplant

Terrazzo floor modern black gray white

Terrazzo floor gray modern innovative robust

Terrazzo floor modern black white geometric pattern

Terrazzo floor white red nuances of geometric lines

Terrazzo floor red gray modern pattern geometric

Terrazzo floor concrete stairs modern

You can find more information on the manufacturer’s official website: Aectual.com