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Repairing Laminate – Tips for Scratches, Holes & Other Damage in the Floor

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As much as you pay attention, scratches often appear in the laminate over the years, which are simply ugly and annoying. You now have various options available for you to damage the Repair laminate can. Either you simply replace the respective plank or try different ways to repair the plank. In this article you will find out which of the two variants of laminate repair is the better.

Instead of repairing laminate, replace the plank


Since the boards of the laminate are installed using a simple click system, they can also be easily taken apart. You can replace a scratched board very quickly. However, for this purpose you also have to be sure that the same model is still on offer or that you have a few planks left over after laying the laminate floor. Nevertheless, this variant, with which you can repair the laminate, is only recommended if the annoying scratch is somewhere on the edge of the room and not too many planks have to be removed. If the scratch is in the middle, the whole thing would simply be far too complex. In this case, you should try one of the following tips before resorting to a substitute.

Repair laminate with a repair kit

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Alternatively, you can repair the laminate using a special laminate repair kit. Such sets are offered in hardware stores and in different colors so that you can easily find the variant you need for your floor. It is colored wax that is melted and then applied to the scratch. The set contains all the necessary things, including a spatula for applying and removing the excess wax. The wax hardens quickly and ensures that the scratch is no longer visible.

How to repair holes in the laminate?


You can also repair a hole in the laminate in the same way, with wax. The paste, which is also offered in hardware stores, is used in a similar way if you want to use it to repair the laminate. Holes or scratches are filled with the paste, which should be the right color. The excess is withdrawn again. You can use a razor blade or a spatula for this. After that, all that remains is to wait for the paste to dry and harden.

Touch up chipped laminate

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You can also repair chipped laminate with the repair kits mentioned above. This is probably the quickest and easiest way to repair a laminate. If you still have spare laminate in stock, you can also try a more complex method. Remove a piece of the foil covering the size and shape of the chipped area from the replacement board. You can now glue this piece on. It is best to use wooden spatula or putty, which should be the same color as the laminate. If the edges of the new piece protrude, you can carefully sand them down a little with fine sandpaper.

Repair laminate flooring – remove superficial scratches with oil

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If the scratches in the laminate are not too noticeable and small, you can also try oil first. If the scratches are only superficial, it is usually not necessary to get a repair kit straight away, let alone replace the entire plank. So before you resort to bigger measures, try olive or baby oil. This should be done after you’ve mopped the laminate, then wait for the floor to dry before using oil to repair the laminate. Spread the oil over the damaged areas with any cloth. Do not forget to thoroughly clean the floor again afterwards to remove the excess oil. The laminate becomes very slippery and there is a risk of slipping!

Repair a burn hole in the laminate

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Burn holes occur quickly, especially when the room is heated with a fireplace and hot coal falls on the floor. With such a damage, the repair is a bit more complicated. In any case, a repair kit is required, with whose wax or paste you fill the hole. However, there remains the problem that, in such cases, the edge of the hole is discolored black or brown by burning the surface. Since you cannot simply cover this with wax or paste inconspicuously or it will continue to shine through afterwards, you should carefully scrape these areas off in advance. Once the burn marks have been removed, you can continue with the laminate repair kit as described in the instructions.

Repair laminate breakage

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If a board breaks while laying, this is usually not a problem. Either way, you should always plan more flooring in order to have a replacement on hand in such cases or over time if necessary. If this is not the case or if the laminate breaks after many years and you do not have the opportunity to replace the plank, the repair kit is again the best helper when you want to repair your laminate. Usually the break is not too noticeable. Should it still bother you, simply cover it with wax or a paste in a suitable color.

Repair laminate wear and tear

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The extent to which you can touch up worn laminate naturally depends on the degree of wear and tear. If you only disturb a few blunt spots, you can polish the plastic film with which the panels are coated. Wax is used for this, which refreshes the laminate wonderfully. The film is basically a photo of wood that is glued to the panels, with which the laminate should not only look beautiful. The panel itself is also protected in this way. But if the coating is badly worn, polishing cannot change anything. So if the “photo” is partially scraped off, so to speak, you can no longer get it back even with a polish. In this case, you either replace the respective planks or lay a completely new floor.

Repair swollen laminate in the event of water damage

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Water that penetrates through the joints between the boards is the laminate’s greatest enemy, because it causes the boards to swell and you repair the laminate or even replace it entirely. Of course, this does not apply to regular mopping, but water damage from burst pipes or the like can mean the end of the floor covering. If only because of the moisture that has accumulated under the laminate, it must be removed. The insulation underneath is also damp and must be replaced. If you have no further damage, you can now simply dry the planks, or let them dry and then lay them again. Some of them may need to be replaced. If damage can only be found on a few planks, it is not absolutely necessary to loosen the planks from the entire floor. Then only remove those that are necessary to get to the respective damaged planks.