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Porcelain stoneware tiles in wood and stone look from Fioranese

modern wall tiles kitchen geometric pattern Urban Touch

Porcelain stoneware in the tile world is one of the most popular types today and is used both indoors and outdoors. Its popularity is due to its beneficial properties. It is not only robust and break-proof, but also easy to care for and water-repellent. Thanks to the closed pores, the material is almost waterproof and insensitive to dirt. Thanks to these material properties are Porcelain stoneware tiles intensively used in areas such as the kitchen and bathroom. We introduce you to the impressive collection from Ceramiche Fioranese, which is a series Porcelain stoneware wall tiles represent.

Exclusive porcelain stoneware tiles as wall coverings from Fioranese

modern wall tiles porcelain stoneware white 3d-relief fioranese

This cool tile material can be found in almost every living area, because different decors can be created. Porcelain stoneware tiles in wood, metal and stone optics are not uncommon. The hard porcelain stoneware is very difficult to cut and lay, so specialist knowledge is usually required. The models here impress with their fantastic surface, almost without polish, and fascinating nuances that successfully imitate stone and wood. Ceramica Fioranese has 50 years of experience and relies on creativity, innovation, style and an inventive spirit. Tradition and modernity, technology and sustainability can be combined to create exclusive wall and floor tiles. Fioranese presents an exclusive range of tiles in various sizes, surfaces and colors that follow the latest market trends.

Porcelain stoneware tiles that imitate different surfaces

wall tiles ecru color porcelain stoneware Sweet Revolution

Sweet Revolution model with relief

wall tiles 3d relief white ecru color fioranese Sweet Revolution

beautiful floral motifs on the tile surface

porcelain stoneware wall tiles wall ecru relief floral Sweet Revolution

perfect for the bathroom

bathroom porcelain stoneware wall tiles relief white fioranese

simple and modern

stoneware wall tiles white ecru nuances In Out

Tiles in travertine stone look

porcelain stoneware wall tiles stone look travertine stone fioranese Nu Travertine

interesting design with squares

porcelain stoneware wall tiles modern stone look nuances brown ecru LegnoCemento

Porcelain stoneware wall tiles in wood look

Porcelain stoneware wall tiles stone look beige nuances Old Wood

Porcelain stoneware tiles stone look gray brown Slates

porcelain stoneware tiles kitchen wall stone look dark gray Colorlab

porcelain stoneware tiles wood look bathroom fioranese mosaic imitation

Porcelain stoneware tiles wood effect 3d brown shades Cottage Wood

porcelain stoneware tiles fioranese italy stone look light brown In Out

porcelain stoneware tiles 3d wall cladding fioranese stone look Slates

Porcelain stoneware wall tiles dark gray slate look Urban Touch

porcelain stoneware tiles wall stone look black dark gray squares Blend

Porcelain stoneware tiles 3d relief texture LegnoCemento

Porcelain stoneware wall marble effect white Nu Marble

porcelain stoneware wall tiles polished purple Steelwork

porcelain stoneware tile wall bathroom white gray hexagons MetalBax Alluminio

porcelain stoneware tiles wall 3d stone look light gray