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Parquet or laminate? The real wood covering just feels good

Real wood flooring -parquet-white oiled

Wood is considered the ecological building material with excellent structural and aesthetic properties. The natural advantages of wood include in particular the positive energy balance, the uniqueness of each trunk and the moisture regulation. The wood look has been artificially reproduced in the flooring market for many years. Wood imitations such as laminate or vinyl flooring have become more and more authentic in recent years. Nowadays, some replicas can hardly be distinguished optically from the wooden original. Due to the visual clipping of the artificially created floor coverings, building owners often forget to include the naturalness of the floor covering in the purchase decision.

The look is not everything

Parquet-real wood covering-light-modern-white

Even if they look like this, laminates and vinyl floors are not real wood floors and therefore do not have their natural properties. If you walk over a real wood flooring without shoes, you will immediately feel the difference. The wooden surface feels warm and cozy – even without underfloor heating. The longing for this “authenticity and sincerity” often only arises with building owners when they have been living in the premises for a longer period of time.

Seal or oil parquet?


For a long time, the application of a protective layer of varnish was the undisputed surface treatment of parquet. Sealing with lacquer protects the wood with a hardening film against moisture and mechanical forces, but direct contact with the wood is prevented. This durable and easy-care surface treatment is still used in particular in the rental property.


Anyone who makes a conscious decision in favor of a real wood flooring, a quality parquet, is the right choice with an oxidatively oiled surface. With oiled parquet, the oil is absorbed into the wood and hardens in the pores. Direct contact with the wood is retained, the parquet can regulate moisture just like in its natural state, it remains open to diffusion. Since the surface treatment with oil does not form a film, there is no static charge, which promotes dust swirls. In addition, oiled parquet can be repaired in places. In the case of a sealed surface, the entire surface must always be sanded and resealed.

Design options for oxidatively oiled parquet

parquet-bright-dining area-kitchen

Proven specialists such as the Swiss pioneers of oxidatively oiled wood surfaces, Graf parquet, know how to give the wood almost any color appearance with different treatment methods. With caustic solutions, stains, soaps and coloring, they meet the client’s wishes – from the raw wood look to every color nuance.

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