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Parquet floors and tiles in natural tones – house with a red facade

parquet floor kitchen-white-modern-stairs-handrail-original

If you own a plot of land with an impressive landscape, you should take full advantage of these properties. The architects from Bang Keun YOU also convinced the owner of this modern house. He wanted to have his house built in the lowest area. However, the architects saw the breathtaking panoramic view and suggested building the house on the top spot. This is how this modern house was created with a red facade and a perfect view of the nearby village and the mountainous landscape. The interior was also adapted to this natural environment. Many wooden elements were created, including an attractive one Parquet floor.

Parquet floor in the bedroom

parquet floor bedroom-modern-indirect-lighting-window front

The aim of the natural-looking elements in the house such as the parquet floor was to bring the natural environment into the house. This landscape and its natural colors served as inspiration. This also includes a lot of earth tones and tiles in brown color. Despite the modern style, the interior is reminiscent of that of a mountain hut.

Parquet floor for a natural look

parquet floor skylights-skylight-room design-ideas

Most of the house is on the ground floor. There the living area with living room, open kitchen and dining area are accommodated, as well as bathrooms and the guest toilet. The bedroom is just opposite the kitchen. An original staircase leads to the upper floor, where another bedroom can be found. The living room and bedroom have a parquet floor, while the kitchen and bathroom are tiled. A large cellar and utility room provide sufficient storage space. The idea of ​​an outdoor bathroom is also particularly interesting. This is located in a niche between the two parts of the house.

Brown bathroom tiles

Parquet floor tiles-brown-bathroom-glass-shower

The house with parquet floor also impresses with an attractive facade in red color. In order to protect the interior from the strong sun in summer, metal sun protection was also attached to the outside of the windows. You can see more of the house’s ideas in the following gallery.


parquet floor driveway-stone-wood-fence

Carport with lighting


Small terrace


Illumination of the terrace


Privacy and sun protection for the window fronts

Parquet-floor-protection-sun protection-bedroom-living room-lawn-minimalistic

Outdoor bathroom


Path and floor made of natural stone

parquet-floor-jirisan-house-natural stone-path-roofing

House with parquet floor – Modern house


Modern and rustic at the same time

Parquet-floor-property-fencing-garden design-inspiration

Sun protection idea

parquet-floor-window-narrow-facade-log cabin-style

Impressive landscape


Bird’s eye view of the house


Red facade


Floor plan of the basement


Ground floor in plan

parquet-floor-ground floor-floor plan-architecture-modern-design

Second floor


Design by Bang Keun YOU.