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Noble floor marble tiles in a modern private residence in Taiwan

Floor marble tiles corridor-flooring-natural stone-wall tiles-grain-corridor-transition-potted-plants-picture-1

In this article we present you a modern, spacious private residence designed by architects Vattier Design. The residence is located in Hsinchu, Taiwan and stands out with the shiny Floor marble tiles and chic, simple furnishing style. The apartment extends over three levels and offers a lot of space and light thanks to the noble, rather minimalist furnishings.

Floor marble tiles in a modern facility

Floor marble tiles living area-open-flooring-stairs-dining area-couch-floor lamp-carpet-wall-tiles-2

The apartment impresses with an appealing mix of modernity and comfort. Clear lines in the furnishings are skillfully combined with natural colors and a few colored objects and pieces of furniture. The pieces of furniture are characterized by light, warm nuances and colored, blue-toned contrasting elements. In the residence, decorative elements and accessories were deliberately avoided, creating a simple, yet inviting and calm ambience. The large and free surfaces skillfully put the shiny and elegant marble floor in the limelight. The floor marble tiles are unique due to the individual grain and undoubtedly flow elegance and radiant chic.

Marble floor tiles and marble wall cladding

floor marble tiles wall tiles-black-armchair-leather-couch-gray-tables-decoration-carpet-floor-lamp-4

The exclusive way of life is emphasized by the natural stone floor, which conjures up a luxurious environment due to its texture. There is hardly any wall decoration on the walls, but in some rooms color accents have been added to individual walls. The walls are partially covered with marble, which is an atypical decision with an excellent and unique effect. The black color of the marble tiles on the wall can also be found in the furnishings.

Light-flooded living area with wall and floor marble covering

Floor marble tiles living room-dining area-ceiling lights-carpet-stairs-wall tiles-throw pillows-children's vehicle-5

Dining area with elegant chairs and exotic ceiling lights

floor marble tiles table-fruit bowl-chairs-blue-ceiling-lights-metal-stairs-glass railing-potted plant-6

Dining table with a noble marble tabletop and blue chairs

floor-marble tiles-dining table-dining area-pendant lights-moroccan-metal-fruit bowl-glass-bottle-glasses-7

Small kitchenette with glossy white furniture


Colored accents in the blue color palette

Floor-marble tiles-dining area-dining table-stair support-chairs-ceiling lamps-kitchenette-cupboards-flooring

Staircase with glossy marble flooring and glass railing

floor-marble-tiles-staircase-stairs-marble-covering-glass partition-railing-glass-blinds-pendant-lights-9

 Pendant lights for soft light in the stairwell


Long corridor with floor marble tiles


Large cabinets and wall shelves offer plenty of storage space 

floor-marble tiles-wall-shelf-wardrobe-wood-kitchen-cupboard-chest of drawers-cookbooks-decoration-fruit bowls-11

Transition to the private area

floor-marble-tiles-hall-door-passage-chest of drawers-side table-orchid-marble-flooring-wall-tiles-picture-12

Bedroom decorated in natural colors


Bedroom with wooden wall paneling and modern wall lights


Children’s room with creative wall and ceiling design

floor-marble-tiles-children's room-bedroom-carpet-bed-floor-lamp-wall-shelf-potted-plant-window-wall-cladding-wood-16

Blue leather sofa as a color accent in the room

floor-marble tiles-bedroom-bed-houseplant-sofa-leather-blue-table-orchid-carpet-window-parquet-floor-17

Wall covering with elephant pattern

floor-marble-tiles-bedroom-sofa-blue-leather-side table-wall cladding-wood-pattern-bedside table-books-orchid-18

Work area with beige floor marble tiles and black marble office tabletop


* a project by Vattier design