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Natural stone tiles with gold effect – ideas for wall and floor coverings

Natural stone tile-golden pattern Cottoveneto

the Natural stone tiles by Cottoveneto, which we would like to introduce to you, would be a stylish feature in an unusual exterior wall design or in modern interior design – both in the kitchen and in the bathroom. With their silky, subtle sheen and golden patterns, the tiles look particularly elegant and graceful.

Natural stone tile design with variable patterns

floral pattern bathroom tiles floral pattern

The gold effect we are looking for in these Natural stone tiles can be the perfect addition to your bathroom as a wall or floor covering. A range of patterns is available – from traditional floral, geometric, to modern graphic motifs – depending on your taste.

Natural stone tiles – stylish color combinations

Flooring Tiles Golden Geometric Pattern

The permanent ones Natural stone tiles from Cottoveneto contribute to the luxurious look of a room. The color combinations of white, gray and beige with gold and silver are not only simply good-looking, but also the top trend. And despite the opinion that the precious metals gold and silver must not be combined, the company did just that and showed us how these two can harmonize perfectly.

Bathroom tiles with original decoration – small panes of glass

Tile design bathroom wall covering

Square tiles made of natural stone as flooring

Floor tiles-Cottoveneto geometric pattern

Interesting wall design – square tiles

Tiles gold optics square

Ideas for wall coverings – tiles with a gold look for your bathroom

Bathroom golden accent