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Natural stone floor inside and outside – stone types and ideas

Natural stone floor inside-outside-travertine-pool-bathroom

Although wooden floorboards and ceramic tiles are an attractive and inexpensive option for flooring, they cannot be compared with the cool look and feel of natural stone. When choosing Natural stone floor inside and outside you have to consider the different types of natural stone: slate, marble, limestone, travertine, granite, sandstone, because each of them is characterized by different properties. You have to know them well to determine whether this type of stone is suitable for a particular location.

Natural stone floor inside and outside – sandstone

Natural stone floor inside sandstone-terrace-raised beds-white-ornamental gravel

Sandstone is a mountain-developed material that is mined by many factories around the world. It is a sedimentary rock made up of a large number of granular particles, mainly quartz and feldspar. It looks like sand, which is why it is also called sandstone. The color of the sandstone tiles depends on the minerals they contain, but they are usually available in a warm brown, beige or red shade, similar to real sand. There are also black, dark gray and multi-colored sandstone floor tiles with unique patterns on the surface.

Natural stone floor inside and outside – travertine

natural stone-floor-exterior-travertine-tiles-terrace-concrete-bench-wood cover

Travertine has been a very popular option for natural stone floors in recent years because of its warm appearance. It can look rustic and natural, or it can look polished and shiny. This natural stone can also be found in historical sites such as the Sacré-Cœur Church in Paris and the Colosseum in Rome. The colors range from gray to red, but the most common choice is the pleasant shade of sand.


Natural stone floor inside bathroom-limestone-freestanding-bathtub

The limestone is sturdy, durable, and is known as an inexpensive alternative to marble. If properly cared for, its beauty can last for many years. Marble and limestone were made from the same material, calcium carbonate. Limestone is preferred by many interior designers because of its rich color palette. Except in creme limestone there are gray, green, blue, brown and red colors.


natural stone floor-interior-marble-white-medium-wood-white-furniture

Marble flooring is one of the most expensive and elegant options out there. It has a rich history and has been the favorite material for designers, architects, and artists over the years. Real marble floor tiles are quarried in mountains around the world and come in a range of different finishes, colors and sizes. Although the luxurious look is a big plus, the marble needs some maintenance. It needs to be sealed regularly to protect it from dirt and moisture. It is also very sensitive to certain types of pollution and can be easily damaged.


natural stone floor-outside-granite-tiles-terrace-wood-dining furniture

Granite is an expensive but popular material because of its beauty and resilience. Granite comes in a variety of colors and is extremely durable in any weather, so it is often used outdoors. Granite is resistant to extreme heat and scratching.

Slate stone 

natural stone floor-outside-slate-terrace-mediterranean-climbing plants

Slate is a metamorphic rock that is very robust and waterproof. Usually slate is gray or black, but the color can vary depending on the grade and type of slate. And since slate is also resistant to acids, the natural product can be placed directly on the ground, unlike other materials that have to be laid on a layer of sand. Slate has the strength of concrete, but has an appealing natural look.

Slate stone tiles in the dining area

natural stone floor-interior-living-room-slate-white-furniture-open-floor plan

Slate floor tiles and white dining room furniture

Natural stone floor inside dining room-slate-floor tiles-white-dining room furniture

Marble floor tiles and a kitchen unit in a light wood tone

natural stone floor-interior-kitchen-marble-tiles-light-wood-cupboard

Travertine tiles in the living room

natural stone floor-interior-living room-travertine-black-leather-sofa

Sandstone floor tiles in the living room

Natural stone floor inside sandstone-beige-color-living room-white-high-gloss wall unit

Slate floor tiles and wood ceiling design

natural stone floor-interior-living room-slate-wood-ceiling paneling

Sandstone floor tiles in brown

natural stone floor-interior-sandstone-bathroom-glass shower-corner entry

Natural stone floor inside sandstone-bathroom-floor-level shower-glass wall

Natural stone floor inside travertine tiles-bathroom-living room

natural stone floor-inside-granite-floor slabs-kitchen-dining area

natural stone floor-inside-limestone-tiles-bathroom-kitchen

natural stone floor-interior-kitchen-sandstone-beige-black-kitchen-row

natural stone-floor-interior-kitchen-sandstone-dark-wood-kitchen-row

natural stone floor-interior-kitchen-slate-fronts-light-wood-taupe-wall

natural stone floor-interior-sandstone-gray-kitchen-black-worktop-wood-fronts

natural stone floor-interior-living room-slate-tiles-wood

natural stone floor-interior-travertine-stone-light-beige-entrance

natural stone-floor-interior-travertine-tiles-open-living-area-

natural stone floor-interior-bedroom-sandstone-wood-furniture

natural stone floor-interior-slate-floor tiles-bathroom-wood-wall cladding

natural stone floor-interior-marble-white-cabinet-light-wood

natural stone floor-interior-marble-optics-white-bathroom

natural stone-floor-interior-marble-tiles-bathroom-gray-mosaic-tiles

natural stone floor-inside-granite-tiles-gray-kitchen

natural stone floor-interior-bathroom-travertine-brick-bathtub

natural stone floor-interior-dining-area-gray-wood-dining furniture

natural stone floor-interior-bathroom-sun protection-roller blinds

natural stone floor-interior-bathroom-slate-floor tiles-glass-partitions

natural stone floor-interior-bathroom-marble-look-white-luxury-feeling

natural stone floor-interior-bathroom-limestone-marble-black-bathtub

natural stone-floor-interior-bathroom-glass-wall-round-accessible-mosaic tiles

natural stone floor-interior-bathroom-glass-shower-bathtub-skylight

natural stone-floor-interior-bathroom-Daltile-tiles-light-gray-wall-tiles

natural stone floor-inside-outside-granite-travertine

natural stone floor-outside-travertine-terrace-rattan-sun loungers

natural stone floor-exterior-travertine-wrought-iron-dining-room-furniture

natural stone-floor-outside-slate-tiles-small-pond-wood-terrace furniture

natural stone floor-outside-slate-floor-tiles-house-glass-front

natural stone floor-outside-sandstone-tiles-white-gravel

natural stone floor-outside-sandstone-tiles-balcony-awning

natural stone floor-outside-limestone-tiles-dining-area-outdoor-kitchen

natural stone floor-outside-granite-terrace-natural stone wall-olive tree

natural stone floor-outside-granite-pool-terrace-ornamental grass

natural stone floor-outside-granite-gray-pool-terrace-modern-lounge-furniture-white