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Modern tiles with a metal effect and a captivating look

Tiles metal effect dark wall bronze floor

The modern ones Tiles with a metal effect from Tagina are suitable for a wide variety of applications. Plain, neutral tones like these would harmonize nicely with any modern color scheme. The captivating finish of the Fucina tiles makes them lackluster, but that’s where their mysterious effect lies.

 Tiles with a metal effect in the living area

Tile metal effect tagina wall tiles flooring

the Tiles with a metal effect there is a harsh industrial power emanating from Tagina, and when you look at it the image of a skilled blacksmith comes to mind. The unusual surfaces of these designer tiles capture and reflect the light in different ways. They are shiny in some parts and shady in others.

Tiles with metal effect in the dining room

Tile metal effect dining room kitchen wall tiles

These  Tiles with a metal effect can be used in small quantities to create beautiful contrasts and accents. Or they can be used in an entire room. These metallic look tiles have an incredible presence that will amaze you.

Bathroom tiles

Tiles with metal effect bronze bad design

metallic shine

Tile metal look wall cladding bathroom living room

Bathroom tiles and kitchen wall cladding

Tile metal effect match bathroom kitchen hallway   Silver tiles

bathroom tiles, metal effect, silver sheen

Wall and floor covering with a metallic sheen

Tiles metal look effect wall floor gloss