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Laying parquet – coordinate the laying direction with the room and living style

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The wooden floor is very attractive – depending on the design, it can give the room a rustic charm, exude elegance or simply increase the warmth factor. who to lay parquet should first choose the laying pattern according to the room conditions. We’ll guess a few simple tricks that can help you choose.

Laying parquet – English association

two colors pattern installation direction lengthways

The English association is perfect for anyone who has a room with a Scandinavian or purist interior to lay parquet would like to. Since this type of installation is quite simple, two-tone planks are often offered. This gives the room a modern look and creates a stylish ambience. The laying direction depends on the desired effect – if the individual parquet elements are laid parallel to the long side of the room, the room looks larger.

English dressing – this laying pattern is suitable for hallways, living rooms and bedrooms

Laying parquet – herringbone laying pattern

Parquet laying direction crosswise herringbone wood

The herringbone laying pattern exudes classic elegance. It is well suited for rooms in vintage, shabby chic or classic living styles. Traditionally, this parquet is made of oak or beech wood. Depending on the size of the individual elements, he can visually enlarge the room. Narrow rooms will benefit from larger woven patterns, while small rectangular rooms with a parquet across the window front appear wider.

Herringbone parquet – perfect for the living room, dining room and bedroom.

Laying parquet – mosaic parquet

Pattern installation direction across colonial style furniture

The mosaic parquet visually connects different rooms and creates a uniform image in the whole house / apartment. It is important to have the same laying direction in all rooms. Our tip – if you have a small apartment, you can use it in all rooms to lay parquet. Choose a light color and larger individual items.

Mosaic parquet is perfect for modern Scandinavian interiors

Parallel laying methods / floorboards

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The parallel laying method is preferred nowadays for large rooms in a minimalist style. Long elements with seamless connections are very popular here. The plank floor is an alternative to this – the difference between the two lies in the length of the individual details.

Mosaic Herringbone English Association Paralell

Mosaic parquet in the colonial bedroom

Mosaic Parquet Colonial Style Furniture Furnishing Pictures Ideas

Laying pattern – association

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Lay parquet in parallel two-tone green color

Bandage light oak grain two-tone living room

Laying pattern cassette

Laying patterns beautiful ideas living room eclectic

modern ideas parquet bright seamless connection

Cube parquet installation direction across modern furniture

Laying direction across parquet light color cubes

Parquet light wood brick wall living room interior

Laying type – cube

Parquet laying cubes large elements strips carpet

Laying method – mosaic

Laying pattern parquet Laying direction unusual shape

Herringbone laying pattern

set up herringbone parquet wooden counter kitchen island

Herringbone laying pattern white color light oak

Parquet installation direction to set up an eclectic living room

Parallel laying type

Oak floorboards modern decor living room

Pattern colors Installation direction lengthways