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Italian bathroom tiles and 26 modern furnishing suggestions for your bathroom

Italian bathroom tiles hexagon-half-height-cream-gray-anthracite-marazzi

There are many ways and styles to furnish the bathroom. Tiles play a crucial role in this. Depending on the color, structure and material, they change the atmosphere of the room effectively and create the basis for a perfect room experience. In this article, we present Italian bathroom tiles and modern furnishing suggestions with which you can turn your bathroom into a real eye-catcher. Below you will find a selection of creative bathroom ideas from renowned tile manufacturers from Italy, which should serve as inspiration for your own bathroom. The examples are perfect for medium-sized to large bathrooms and perfectly combine high-quality material, creative design and a wide range of formats.

Design a long, narrow bathroom – Italian bathroom tiles Terracruda by Ragno


Designing a long and narrow bathroom with just one window can be a challenge. But with a few little tricks you can turn it into a light-flooded room that also appears much more spacious. And without having to forego your comfort.

It is best to opt for a walk-in shower with a partition made of clear glass. The frameless glass wall allows light to flood through, making the room look more spacious. On the opposite wall, the washbasin is mounted with a shelf that seems to float in the air. There is a bathtub on the other side of the room.

Italian bathroom tiles, 3d structure, white, wood washbasin

The 3D wall tiles in a pleasant cream tone are a real highlight in this narrow bathroom. The 3D relief gives the wall an expressive look and creates elegant light and dark effects.

The tiles are part of the Terracruda series by the Italian manufacturer Ragno. The ancient building material made from sun-dried clay, straw and natural fibers serves as inspiration for the collection. The ceramic plates in the format 40 x 120 cm convey the warm charisma of the natural elements and are offered in different versions.

Italian bathroom tiles greige-gray-mosaic-Ragno-Terracruda

The Terracruda tiles are available in four colors: Luce, Sabbia, Calce and Piombo. The colors range from cream to stone gray and look very modern.

The next example shows that there are particularly varied combinations of tiles. The Terracruda Degradé mosaic tiles (33.2 x 128.8 cm) have a dynamic herringbone pattern and a beautiful play of colors and are therefore installed on the wall in the shower area. The individual elements offer many design options and can be combined as desired.

bathroom tiles-stone look-gray-beige-relief-mosaic-herringbone pattern

On the opposite wall in this bathroom, 3D tiles are presented with a delicate geometric relief. The light wall tiles harmonize perfectly with the gray porcelain stoneware floor tiles Boom.

Design a bathroom with a sloping ceiling – with Stone Art from Marazzi

italian-bathroom-tiles-stone-beige-wood-pitched roof-Marazzi-Stone-Art

A color scheme in neutral colors, diffuse lighting, green indoor plants and accessories made from natural materials. This is what makes this bathroom with a sloping ceiling so special. In this room you experience a closeness to nature that is seldom found in an urban environment. The warm colors of the wall tiles in combination with the floor tiles in wood look create a particularly cozy ambience.

bathroom tiles-beige-brown-wood-look-floor-freestanding-bathtub

A freestanding bathtub stands proudly in the middle of the room and promises an extraordinary bathing experience. The bathtub has a beautiful shape with rounded, soft edges and sets the tone for the rest of the interior. The wooden stools are practical helpers, creating an informal and sociable atmosphere.

wall tiles-bathroom-stone-look-cream-limestone-structure

This furnishing proposal comes from the tile manufacturer Marazzi and presents high-quality, Italian bathroom tiles with a natural stone look. The Stone-Art wall tile collection is inspired by the beauty of limestone and impresses with its natural colors and surfaces. The generous format of 40 x 120 cm and the thickness of only 6 mm offer a wide range of design options.


Those who prefer light stone will be delighted with the steel color. The gray-white color conveys a relaxing feeling of wellbeing without it appearing boring or sterile. In the decor variants Texture and Mosaico, the tiles look decorative and elegant. In this example, the stone art wall tiles are combined with an antique wooden vanity unit and floor tiles with a wood look. The black elements such as fittings, mirror frames and stools also provide a nice contrast. The indirect ceiling lighting, on the other hand, has a modern feel.

Bathroom under the roof – with Clays from Marazzi


Another trend that can be seen in modern designer bathrooms is called “hexagon tiles”. The hexagonal tiles are used for walls and floors and give rooms an expressive look. They are also available in different sizes. From very small, honeycomb-shaped mosaic tiles to large, hexagonal floor tiles. In this modern bathroom, for example, hexagon tiles in the format 21 x 18.2 cm are used. These are part of the Clays series by Marazzi and impress with their material-emphasized look. The shading and wipe marks on the surfaces create a very individual appearance.


Incidentally, the Hegaxon wall tiles are ideal for bathrooms under the roof. In this example, only a third of the wall, directly under the sloping ceiling, is tiled. The hexagonal shape of the nasties creates an interesting, unfinished look. The wall tiles are combined with a vanity top made of light stone. The dark tiles in the format 7 x 28 cm are laid on the floor in a herringbone pattern.

floor tiles-bathroom-anthracite-herringbone-association-italy

Bathroom in gray tones with the Concreta series by Marazzi


Concrete plays an essential role in modern architecture and is also becoming increasingly important for interiors. Even bathroom tiles with a cement look are no longer unusual. They are inspired by the characteristic look of typical exposed concrete walls and give the bathroom a modern, urban flair.

This example from Marazzi shows how elegant and modern a bathroom in gray tones can look. The two large windows and the lighting concept are decisive for the overall effect. Concreta Lava tiles (32.5 x 97.7 cm) are laid on the walls. The masonry bathtub is completely tiled with mosaic tiles (32.5 x 32.5 cm) in the same shade of gray.

Concreta Blu and Bianco


The Concreta cladding is available in seven different colors: Blu, Bianco, Coke, Creta, Lava, Sabbia and Verde. All models impress with their gently moving surface and soft lines.

Bathroom in blue and white – Frame by Ragno


The color duo blue and white is perfect for the bathroom, because these colors convey a feeling of cleanliness and freshness. After you have selected the monochrome models, consider which decorative tiles would go best with them. It is recommended that the dominant color be found in the pattern.

Here you can see a nice furnishing proposal from Ragno. The wall tiles measuring 25 x 76 cm are laid horizontally, creating a feeling of space. The glaze also reflects the light nicely. In combination with the dark chocolate-colored floor covering (Rewind Tabacco 60 x 60 cm) the result is a harmonious overall picture.

bathroom tiles-wall-petrol blue-gloss-matt-beige-floor tiles-frame-ragno

The wall tiles from the “Frame” collection are available in four neutral (Milk, Cream, Khaki and Sterling) and three bright colors (Plum, Aqua and Indigo). The fascinating 3D reliefs and decorations give the walls a special charisma.

When choosing the wall and floor tiles, pay attention to the light-dark contrast. This example shows how well the trend color petrol can be combined with white and taupe. Bright, expressive accents in mustard yellow are used in a targeted manner.

bathroom tiles-shower-walk-in-beige-cream-wall tiles-Ragno-Frame

In this bathroom, three different tile formats are used on the walls. From left to right: Frame Khaki (25 x 76 cm), Frame Mosaico Khaki (30 x 30 cm) and Frame Cream Strattura Forma (25 x 76 cm). In order to underline the warm appearance of the wall tiles in cream and beige, the decision was made to use rectangular floor tiles with a wood look (Woodtale Betulla 15 x 120 cm). They are laid in a wild association. Here the color blue is used as an accent.

Bathroom on 6 sqm – with Lumina tiles 25 x 75 cm from Fap Ceramiche


Designing a 6 square meter bathroom with a bathtub so that it appears bright and inviting is sometimes a challenge. But this example shows that it is not impossible. The right basis for the true wellness oasis is formed by warm wood tones and lots of white. The oval freestanding bathtub with wooden shelf promises relaxing hours. The wood-look tiles radiate warmth and harmonize beautifully with the three-dimensional, white walls.


Lumina Line 25 x 75 cm in a 7 square meter bathroom


The Lumina 3D wall tiles by Fap Ceramiche give white walls a new, creative swing. The structured surfaces are available in five different versions: Diamante, Line, Curve, Square, Rose. Whether matt or glossy – the Lumina tiles will have a positive effect on the atmosphere in the bathroom.


Zero Gesso by Fap Ceramiche


If white bathroom tiles seem too sterile to you, you can opt for a light gray shade. In this example, the gray cast is emphasized by silver-colored strips between the different types of tiles. The dark wood washbasin also provides a pleasant contrast.

Zero pane

bathroom-cream-walk-in-shower-small-floor tiles-wood look

The tiles from the Zero series in the 25 x 75 cm format are offered in five beautiful neutral colors: Ardesia, Polvere, Gesso, Pane and Terra.

Zero Polvere


Design the bathroom in a retro style – with Metro Tiles Brick Glossy by Ragno

bathroom-sloping-roof-white-metro-tiles-wall-large-format-floor-tiles-light gray

Metro tiles are celebrating their comeback in the modern bathroom and look super chic. In this bathroom with a sloping roof, the rustic country house style is staged with an urban touch. The furniture is reminiscent of a traditional country house, but the wall tiles in black and white add a modern touch.


The Brick Glossy tile collection from Ragno interprets retro style with trendy charm. The classic format in brick optics (10 x 30 cm) is retained, but embellished with an emphatically contemporary design. Color contrasts and decors give the metro tiles a special look.

Design the bathroom in white – with 3D wall tiles Essenziale by Marazzi


In line with the “all-in-white” trend, the manufacturer Marazzi has presented the “Essenziale” wall tile collection. The tile series includes large-format ceramic tiles in three designs: glossy, matt and metallic as well as four spectacular 3D surfaces Wave, Flora, Drape and Deco. Due to the size of 40 x 120 cm, there are few joints, which results in a uniform appearance.


The versatility of the white 3D wall tiles enables numerous combinations with floor tiles of all kinds, for example in natural stone, marble and wood optics. The interplay of brown wood tones and radiant white is exquisite and natural at the same time. Even if white should dominate in the bathroom, the beautiful surface structure of the tiles will significantly influence the effect of the room.


Calming atmosphere through neutral colors – Clayline by Marazzi


Neutral colors have a calming effect on the senses and are perfect for a bathroom where you want to create an atmosphere of peace and security. Preference is given to matt surfaces and wooden bathroom furniture.

Clayline Shell and Lava


If you want to give the bathroom an urban flair, you can integrate several metal elements into the furnishings. For example, a shower mixer in vintage style, a stool with a metal frame, an aluminum wall lamp or a free-standing towel rail.



Clayline Sand and Earth


The Clayline wall tiles in the 22 x 66.2 cm format express new living concepts. The collection includes 6 colors (Shell, Cotton, Earth, Lava, Sand, Blue), a 3D relief and a decor.


Italian bathroom tiles Eterna Silver by Emilgroup


The Eterna tile series is inspired by the timeless charm of travertine stone. The porcelain stoneware tiles combine the robustness and beauty of natural stone with a sophisticated, modern look. They are characterized by an exquisite, slightly structured surface and are very expressive. The Eterna tiles are offered in a variety of designs such as 30 x 60 cm, 60 x 120 cm and 60 x 60 cm. Flat and relief designs are available.


In this bathroom, tiles in the format 30 x 60 centimeters are laid on the wall behind the vanity. With the tiles in the large format 60 x 60 cm, the floor gets a calm surface effect, while mosaic tiles on the wall in the shower area provide a little variety. The shower partition made of smoked glass harmonises perfectly with the light gray color of the tiles. The medium-dark wood washbasin with two round countertop washbasins in black serves as a visual highlight.

Tracce Taupe from Emilgroup


Another great example of how unique every stone-look tile can look. The Tracce series is inspired by the aesthetics of the natural stone Cardoso, which fascinates with its unmistakable grain. The tiles are available in the sizes 30 x 60 cm, 60 x 60 cm and 30 x 30 cm.

Tracce gray


There is a huge selection of Italian bathroom tiles to be found online and in hardware stores. Their advantages are obvious: they are ecologically compatible and durable, consist of high-quality materials with unique properties and are characterized by their unmistakable character. Glazes and special treatment techniques also ensure increased resistance to UV radiation and chemical influences such as acids and alkalis and have a water-repellent effect. Thanks to the numerous designs and tile formats, you can design your bathroom entirely according to your individual wishes!