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Gray tiles for walls and floors – 55 modern living ideas

tiles gray triangle shape modern idea living room kitchen

The gray color is very popular this season and that’s not going to change anytime soon. And that doesn’t just apply to the wall paint or the furniture, but also to the tiles. Gray tiles give every room a modern look, whether bathroom, kitchen, living room or hallway. But they are also a great idea in the outdoor area. To furnish your home, you have the choice between impressive large-format tiles or those in a classic size, square or elongated shape. Gray tiles in mosaic format, in turn, conjure up a shimmering effect that looks almost metallic in the room.

Gray stone tiles in an elongated shape

tiles gray kitchen dining table large format monochrome furnishings

Several shades of gray can be combined in the furnishings to create an interesting and varied ambience. This either goes a mess or by creating the hip ombre effect. We’d like to introduce you to some modern examples of gray tiles in the various living spaces that you will fall in love with!

Gray tiles in the living room

tiles gray couch purple throw pillows kitchen mural white

Living room tiles in dark color with an interesting pattern

tiles gray nuances coffee table sofa wall brown

Tiles in gray combined with brick walls in warm colors

tiles gray stone wall vaulted ceiling furniture modern

Gray tiles as an accent wall in the living room

tiles gray accent wall lowboard coffee table glass

Use the same tiles for the wall and floor

tiles gray chaise longue white high gloss sideboard lamp

Light gray tiles for the floor and dark ones for the wall

tiles gray accent wall living room sofa white terrace

Combine gray and brown

gray tile wall living room parquet furnishing modern

Kitchen with gray tiles

tiles gray effect nuances mosaic partition steel kitchen

tiles gray dark brown kitchen island bar chair minimalist

gray tiles light steps dining table white wood color modern kitchen

tiles gray kitchen black steel stove

tiles gray large format kitchen island shelf white high gloss

tiles gray high gloss counter sink kitchen white accent green

tiles gray small partition kitchen light wood black wall

gray tiles two-tone idea white wood kitchen island traditional

gray tiles pattern kitchen moroccan furniture white

tile gray partition wall design mosaic idea refrigerator steel

gray tiles mosaic partition kitchen green-gray cupboards

Gray tiles – dining room ideas

tiles gray oblong shape wood dining table benches chair

gray tiles dining room white table floating steps stairs

tiles gray stripes look high gloss black dining table square

gray tiles dining area white furniture kitchen

gray tiles dining room idea sideboard brown high gloss chairs

Bathroom tiles in gray

tiles gray parquet imitation mirror open shower green accents

tile gray glitter effect bathtub side table ladder

tile gray open shower design glass wall

tiles gray colors combination bathtub stairs wood

tile gray monochrome rustic accents wood sink

tiles gray mosaic floor bathroom wall wood imitation fuchsia

gray tile shower wood imitaion accent stool

gray tile shower dark wash console mirror

tiles gray small format traditional design interior bathroom floor tub

Gray tiles in the hallway

tiles gray hallway walk-in closet stairs modern

tiles gray hallway design wall white wood accents

tiles gray floor wall lying hallway idea side table

tiles gray stone hallway glass railing monochrome interior

gray tiles hallway idea ceiling window stairs

gray tile pattern antique design hallway design

The bedroom with gray tiles

gray tile bedroom laminate ceiling design zebra

tiles gray bed bedroom light dark seating area

Tiles in gray for the outdoor design

tiles gray large format furniture light blue accent

tiles gray patio pool lighting fireplace lounge

tiles gray outdoor seating area bench wooden slats partition wall

gray tiles terrace chaise longue window front plants modern

gray tiles outdoor terrace stone pebble

gray tiles classic arrangement of seating corner wood paneling wall

tiles gray canopy terrace seating area fireplace television

tiles gray outdoor stone bench lawn boxwood





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