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Glamorous glass mosaic tiles adorn bathtubs and mirrors

Glass mosaic sicis wall flowers bathtub gloss free-standing

If you are looking for a unique, vibrant decoration in the bathroom, this is it Glass mosaic tiles an ideal decision. Sicis started 20 years ago on a mission to reinvigorate traditional mosaic tiles. The designers create beautiful artistic collections that harmoniously combine trends, fashion and lifestyles.

 Glass mosaic tiles from Sicis – brilliant design

Glass mosaic tiles sicis mirror decoration bathtub

The symbols of our time can be found in the modern mosaics by Sicis, so you can enjoy their beauty for a long time. the Glass mosaic tiles reinterpret everyday objects in glamorous works of art that please the senses. Sicis suggests that the ornate bathtub designs could move beyond the confines of the bathroom. These shiny pieces are also suitable for artistic installations in another area, such as the garden, living room or bedroom!

 Glass mosaic tiles in black and white

Glass Mosaic sicis bathtub butterfly round mirror

The imaginative mirror collection is inspired by a fairy tale and cast a spell over us. Round, square or rectangular, they all fascinate and are always in the spotlight.

decorated mirrors and spherical lamps with mosaic

decorated bathtub brown flowers mirror ball lights

golden bathtub and wall mosaic

Glass mosaic sicis gold bathtub wall mosaic

Glass mosaic tiles sicis wall decoration sklupturen