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Flooring for the kitchen – 6 ideas for different materials

Floor covering for the kitchen laminate-wood look-modern-kitchen island-white-base-cupboards-wall-mounted cabinets

The floor in the kitchen is the most stressed surface in the home. The right one Kitchen flooring Finding it is not an easy task. There are already many variants of materials that represent alternatives to the most commonly used tiles. In this article we summarize some of the possibilities for kitchen floors and present some nice ideas.

The most popular floor covering for kitchen – floor tiles

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The floor covering for the kitchen can have functionality and a beautiful design at the same time. The classic here are definitely the floor tiles. There is a large selection of tiles that are monochrome, colorful or patterned and available in different sizes. This allows it to be adapted to the style of the kitchen and creates a beautiful overall picture.

Flooring for kitchen – the peculiarities of tiles

Flooring for kitchen tiles - island - stainless steel countertop - wine rack - bar stools

Floor tiles are connected to one another by joints, have a clear longevity and are easy to care for. The tile flooring is resistant to heat, water and most of the household chemicals used in cleaning. Because of these properties and the numerous design possibilities, they are usually preferred for the kitchen.

The PVC kitchen floor – a perfect alternative to floor tiles

Floor covering for kitchen vinyl floor-beige-kitchen island-bar chairs-leather-marble table

PVC or vinyl flooring for the kitchen has been an often chosen alternative to floor tiles lately. PVC is a plastic that is easy and quick to lay as a floor covering. Another advantage is the low price, which in no way detracts from the properties. The PVC floor covering for the kitchen is very easy to care for thanks to its tight joints, which allows quick but good cleaning.

Interesting facts about vinyl floors

Flooring for kitchen pvc-floor-ground-floor-large-window-white-brick-wall

This type of flooring is not made from chemicals, but mainly from materials such as rock salt and petroleum. Natural materials are even used for the filling, mostly chalk and limestone. In addition, the PVC floor does not contain any dangerous plasticizers or heavy metals.

PVC or vinyl flooring works well in the kitchen


The kitchen is the space in the apartment where you don’t sit on a sofa or chair, but stand and walk around. Therefore, the floor covering for the kitchen should be hygienic and easy to clean. Vinyl floors are extremely robust and much warmer compared to stone or ceramic floor tiles. With such a floor covering, you can go barefoot into the kitchen without underfloor heating.

PVC flooring for the kitchen with impact sound insulation


PVC flooring is perfect for an apartment in the city, as it provides footfall sound insulation. Your neighbors and roommates will surely be grateful for choosing such a floor covering in the kitchen.

Variety of designs for vinyl flooring


Some people associate the idea of ​​PVC flooring with a boring design that is not suitable for a modern apartment. Actually, this is not the case at all because the range of colors and structures is really wide. Nevertheless, there are also techniques that can give the vinyl floor a perfect wood or tile look.

Floor covering for the kitchen – laminate instead of parquet


Real wood flooring is not recommended for the kitchen because the parquet shows uneven wear. After a while, the stressed areas become visible and the whole kitchen loses its charm. An alternative is a moisture-proof laminate. It provides many variants for designs, as the material is provided with a digital print.

Disadvantages of laminate as a flooring for kitchen


The laminate is also inexpensive, but has some drawbacks. First, food scraps can be deposited in the joints, which speaks for poor hygiene and more difficult cleaning. Dropping dishes or pots can leave ugly flaws on the surface that are difficult to repair. Of course, there is also such a risk with the floor tiles, but individual tiles can be changed much faster and easier.

Screed in the apartment is trendy


Another hard-wearing floor covering for the kitchen is screed. Lately, the material has not only been laid as a sub-floor, but is increasingly being used as a floor covering in living areas. Such floors are completely on trend and are perfect for minimalist style apartments.

Modern kitchen with screed floor

Flooring-kitchen-screed-floor-carpets-pattern-base-cabinets-wood-side table-candles

With the right coating, the screed floor is a suitable stylish floor covering for the kitchen. It is laid without joints, which indicates that it is easy to care for. However, if you find the gray surface a bit colder, carpets in all possible colors can be placed on it.

Floor covering for kitchen with underfloor heating


Screed floors are perfect for underfloor heating. Whether in the kitchen or in another room, a warm floor in winter creates additional cosiness in the apartment, especially in the cold winter months.

Suitable coating for screed flooring


In order for the screed to be suitable for living spaces, the material absolutely needs a seal. It is first sanded down, then polished and finally you have to choose a final coating to apply that will give the final touch. The possibilities are different – epoxy resin, special oils or even leather are only part of it. The finished floor covering made of screed can be treated quickly and easily with the usual cleaning agents.

Environmentally friendly flooring – cork for the kitchen floor


Cork is a material with high energy efficiency. Cork floors provide significant thermal insulation and are energy efficient. Such kitchen flooring is mainly used in Scandinavian countries, where the weather is usually colder.

Other properties of the cork floor


Cork is a renewable raw material which, as a floor covering, is also characterized by impact sound insulation. Such a floor is hard-wearing and its look is suitable for kitchens in different styles.

Linoleum covering for the kitchen floor


Linoleum is a variant of natural flooring for kitchens. The material consists of natural raw materials that make it easy to clean and create a non-slip and anti-static surface. If people with allergies live in the apartment, the linoleum is ideal as a floor covering for them.

Have linoleum flooring professionally installed


With linoleum, a professional seal is necessary to protect the material against the ingress of moisture. If the linoleum flooring is installed flawlessly by a specialist, the kitchen floor will have a long service life.

Flooring for the kitchen in many possible colors and patterns

Flooring-kitchen-linoleum-pattern-extravagant-interesting-bar-chairs-egg construction-spots-hanging lamps

Since consumers value the possibility of customizing their own home, the variety of designs is of great importance. There are also many different colors and interesting models to be found in linoleum, from which you can choose the best for your kitchen.

Combination of materials for the flooring in an open kitchen

Flooring-open-kitchen-tiles-dining-room-laminate-built-in spots-ceiling

Open kitchens are communicative and combine functionality with beautiful interior design. They are often separated from the rest of the living area by another floor covering. You can clearly see the separation between the kitchen and living room without putting a door in between.