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Floor trends 2019/2020: These are the current trends in floor design!

Vintage, modern or rather eclectic: everyone has their own idea of ​​the perfect home. The first step to a successful interior is the well thought-out wall and floor design. Walls and floors have a significant impact on the atmosphere in the living room and form the perfect background for a stylish interior. Reason enough to take a look at the latest floor trends for 2019/2020. We’ll tell you in the article which materials, structures, colors and laying patterns are currently in fashion.

Floor trends 2019/2020: wood and laminate floors with an attractive grain

Floor trends 2019/2020 modern living room laminate flooring ideas

Wood and laminate floors have proven to be real classics. This year, too, the interior designers attach great importance to the floor covering’s look as natural as possible. Coarse structures and attractive grains make up the country house charm of the plank floor. In order to better accentuate the natural beauty and the individual character of the wooden floor, the planks are no longer sealed, but oiled. High-quality lookalikes made from renewable raw materials such as cork also impress with a pleasant feel and a natural look.

If you are looking for an inexpensive alternative, you can opt for a design floor. With the new hard coverings, even if you look closely, you often cannot tell whether it is a ship or a laminate floor. Color combinations: Light wooden floors can be easily combined with a carpet in light gray, sky blue or black and white.

Floor trends 2019/2020: Classic stone floors made of marble are experiencing a revival

Floor trends 2019/2020 modern large-format floor tiles in the modern living room

Classic marble stone floors have long been considered old-fashioned. In 2020 they will be more modern than ever and offer themselves as a stylish alternative to limestone, not only for the kitchen and bathroom, but also for the living area. Large-format floor tiles in particular look great. A dark marble floor creates an exciting contrast to light wooden furniture, the light variant can be effectively staged with minimalist metal furniture. Color combinations: When marble meets copper, old silver or gold, the result is an attractive combination.

Floor trends 2019/2020: designer floorings are real all-rounders

Floor trends 2019/2020 with laminate flooring and retro furniture

Modern design floorings are real all-rounders. On the one hand, they are super practical and perfect for heavily used rooms such as hallways, kitchens and living rooms, on the other hand, they are in no way inferior to wooden floors. No wonder that the elastic design floors are considered real all-rounders among floor coverings. There is a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from, but the trend is towards light colors that are coordinated with the wall color. This creates the perfect puristic background that leaves the stage free for imaginative furnishings and decorations.

Floor trends 2019/2020: carpet tiles as a decorative element

Floor trends 2019/2020 carpet tiles in the living room Ideas for floor design

Carpet tiles are celebrating a real comeback and are experiencing a revival as a decorative element. They are very heavy, so they can be attached without gluing and open up completely new design horizons thanks to the different installation options. In 2020, tiles with graphic patterns will be particularly popular; they can be effectively staged on designer coverings and laminate floors. With carpet tiles, for example, the large living area can be optically divided into several zones.

Floor trends 2019/2020: Prepare the substrate for floor coverings

Floor trends 2019/2020 Scandinavian style living room in black and white

Regardless of whether it is floorboards, designer flooring, carpet tiles or stone flooring: Before laying a flooring, the substrate must first be prepared. Self-leveling Leveling compounds are the perfect basis for a successful floor design. This can be used to level out unevenness after renovation work. So nothing stands in the way of laying the floor and the new flooring is guaranteed to last for a long time.