Flooring & tiles

Floor tiles in hexagonal shape and the “Tex” design

floor tiles patchwork light blue floral ombre bathroom design

Would you like to design your interior with really original tiles? Then you absolutely should floor tiles consider in hexagonal shape. They are extremely original and enhance every room in a special way. You have the choice between small mosaic tiles and larger floor tiles that you can use not only for the bathroom, but also for any other room in the house or apartment.

Floor tiles in hexagon shape with a glossy surface

tiles floor dark blue white green accent barrel eames

There is also a large selection of colors. If you like the Mediterranean style, then you can choose a modern patchwork design or floor tiles in a hexagonal shape with a wood look. You can just as easily combine different colors with each other and create individual patterns. And the transition between the hexagonal tiles and laminate, parquet or carpeting also looks very original.

Mosaic floor tiles

floor tiles mosaic gray modern bathroom bathtub sink

By choosing tiles, you can define certain zones in the bathroom. For example, visually separate the shower area from the rest. But if it is a narrow room, then it is better to use a tile design in light colors.

Monochrome tiles in a mosaic design

tile floor black gray mosaic basket bathroom furnishings

Bianco from Carrara

tiles floor bianco carrara white marble stone look

Venato by Cararra

tile floor venato carrara mosaic light gray designer model

Large format hexagonal tiles

floor tiles light gray large format hexagon wall art gallery

Pretty tile pattern in light blue

tiles floor romantic blue pattern floral white patchwork

Colorful design

tile floor colorful design patchwork sofa sink

Floral pattern with hexagon tiles

tile floor flower design open shower heater sink

The cozy atmosphere of Italy in a country house kitchen

floor tiles mediterranean brown beige tile wall white

individual accents on the floor

tile floor heimbuero patchwork blue-gray wall color skylight shelf partition wall

tile floor honeycomb pattern pink green floating cabinet tiled mirror cabinet

floor tiles red gray beige hexagon skylight bench

floor tiles hexagon beige nuances black floating cupboard chair

tile floor white gray kitchen dining table chair

tiles floor mediterranean blue beige accent candles deco wheat

tiles floor wood look honeycomb pattern table metal

tile floor wood flooring dressing room idea mirror

tiles floor gray nuances kitchen industrial wall plaster

tiles floor gray pattern patchwork blue beige mediterranean

tile floor gray pattern idea patchwork flower pattern

tile floor damascus model star motifs pretty design

tile floor cafe flooring hexagon laminate bar chair wood

tile floor stripes blue wall color bathroom idea curtain beige

tile floor black and white hexagon shape bathroom

tile floor 3d pattern gray grout idea

tiles floor black and white bathtub toilet curtains

tile floor white bathroom flooring traditionally original

“Tex” collection

tiles floor tex 3d optics cube colors

Another interesting variant for floor tiles are the currently popular “Tex” tiles. The abbreviation comes from “textile”. And what the Tex tiles have to do with textiles is their surface structure. Imprints of various fabric samples were taken and then transferred to tiles, which mostly have an interesting diamond or triangular shape. This shape allows interesting interactions, including effective 3D designs in the form of cubes. These are mainly achieved by combining two shades of one color. We have put together some interesting examples for this design too, from which you can be inspired.

tiles floor turquoise tex bedroom floating shelf curtain bed yellow

tile floor shelf library black beige stone optics

floor tiles tex diamond black beige stone shelf

floor tiles design tex gray beige chairs purple

tiles floor tex hexagon combination star motifs bench cushions