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Elegant mosaic tiles with floral patterns from Bisazza

elegant mosaic tile black and white wall decoration

The elegant Mosaic tiles with floral patterns from the Italian company Bisazza are a stylish addition to the modern bathroom, living room, foyer or public spaces. The glass tiles are both good looking and very practical.

Interesting ideas for interior design – mosaic tiles with floral patterns

elegant pink and red glass tiles wall design

If you want to fascinate your guests, let yourself be carried away by the Mosaic tiles with floral patterns get excited about Bisazza. Bisazza was founded in 1956 in Alte Vicenza, Northern Italy, and has since been one of the world’s leading brands producing mosaic tiles for indoor and outdoor use. The main objective now, as before, was luxurious and top-quality production. The company has branches in Los Angelis, Miami, Chicago, Barcelona, ​​Antwerp, Milan, Paris, New York.

Mosaic tiles with floral designs in a rich color palette

Bathroom tiles brown and white Bisazza

The elegant collection of Mosaic tiles with floral patterns is available in several colors – black, blue, brown, pink-red, white. The different color combinations offer you a variety of possibilities to redesign the interior in an interesting way. White is calm and polished, while black and white looks very dramatic.

Create a seamless design with mosaic tiles

Mosaic glass tiles white-purple deck chairs

Nature is always an inspiration for artists – designers, painters, musicians. The great ones Mosaic tiles with floral patterns from Bisazza are always up to date, because the flowers themselves are always modern and chic.

Modern Italian mosaic tiles by Bisazza

white blue wall design-bisazza flower pattern

Chic tiles with floral patterns

Elegant tile wall design ideas