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Effective bathroom tiles in gold look by Iris Ceramica

Bathroom tiles gold look luxury combination black iris ceramica

Nothing says more about luxury like pure gold. But these elegant ones Bathroom tiles in gold look from Iris Ceramica Don’t scream about it, but whisper sensually as if it were a secret. The two precious collections are decorated with pure gold and have a really glamorous look.

glamorous bathroom tiles in gold optics

Bathroom tiles in gold optics, wall tiles shining

the Bathroom tiles in gold look from the “Le Vie della Seta” collection are made of porcelain stoneware. This material is fantastic and hard-wearing and has such a soft surface that it looks like wallpaper or silk. the Bathroom tiles in gold look are adorned with delicate patterns that resemble the timeless charm of precious metals.

Bathroom tiles in gold and black

wall tiles gold look iris ceramica mosaic

These stylish designs are also perfect for any room in the house, adding a touch of romance and intimacy. Go back in time to an era of old splendor with these gold ornate tiles.

Combination red and gold

Bathroom tiles gold look wall cladding

Accent wall in the white bathroom

Bathroom tiles gold optics red combination Akzentwand

Golden ornaments

Bathroom tiles in gold look iris ceramica ornaments

 black background

Bathroom tiles in gold optics black background

Pure luxury     Tiles gold look iris ceramica luxury look

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