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Design floor made of shards of mirrors – living space as a work of art

Design floor-mirror shards-modern-interior-living room-dining room

A living space was designed in 2015 by Gisele Taranto and LZ Studio in Rio de Janeiro as a cretan center. In terms of design, it is impossible to separate a highlight from all works of art and unconventional design solutions. Of the Design floor but it is really sensational and undisputedly breaks all clichés. It’s made of glazed panels full of broken mirrors.

Design floor made of shards of mirror – LAB LZ in Casa Cor Rio, Rio de Janeiro

Design floor-mirror shards-industrial-style-apartment-apartment-interior

The room was conceived as an idea center that arouses new creative thoughts. There, the company gathered creative professionals for 40 days to discuss topics and come up with new, more effective solutions. The designers who conceived the place set themselves the goal of using the floor design to get people out of their comfort zone and thereby stimulate them to new ideas.

Design floor made of shards of mirror – a living scenario that provokes

Design floor - shards of mirror - leather couch - brown - cushion decoration

The rough character of the walls in concrete look and the ceiling in industrial style shape the guiding principle for the complexity of the design and the ‘overlapping’ of ideas, motifs and design conditions. The several different works of art can be presented particularly well in this exclusive environment. LAB LZ also accommodated several design objects that are also still on offer at Casa Cor in Rio de Janeiro.

Design floor made of shards of mirrors and designer pieces in the living room

Design floor - shards of mirror - side tables - wood - cube - wine corks

Design floor made of broken mirrors – glass panels full of broken mirrors


Design floor made of shards of mirror in the dining area


Design floors made from broken mirror and designs that provoke


Get out of your comfort zone with a floor design made from shards of mirrors

design-floor-mirror-shards-swing-living room-dining area-dining table

Designs that provoke – rope swing in the interior 


Design floor made of broken mirror and rough concrete walls


Expand the industrial style – a designer piece


Light art is particularly effective on bare walls


Modern art and contemporary design 


Extravagant works of art as part of the interior


Small reading corner with character

design-floor-mirror-shards-concrete-walls-mirroring-library wall

Ultra modern room atmosphere and fresh orchids


Surrounded by modern works of art and chic designer furniture


The fresh plants in the room create a cozy atmosphere


* a project by Gisele Taranto Arquitetura