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Cool flooring tiles with integrated lighting

PVC flooring tiles

Liquifloor is the name of the new cool ones Flooring tiles with built-in lighting – they are made of sustainable materials / several PVC sheets /, and the top layer is see-through. The architects integrated a liquid material between the PVC panels, which creates an interesting accent. In any case, Liquifloor is not the traditional flooring where the material is easy to spot.

Flooring tiles for the modern interior

Liquifloor floor tile design idea

When someone presses the surface, exciting forms of lighting are created and an exciting play of light is created. With every movement the light forms change and each one is unique. The possible applications in front of the diverse Flooring tiles are practically infinite – they can be used in the office, in the cafe, or for your personal recording studio / music room. Even more so – the color of the floor covering is related to the pressure on the tiles, and there can be practically an infinite number of combinations. Modern, innovative and colorful – this is how the floor tiles from Cafe interiors the end.

 Innovative design flooring for the office

Floor tiles office design

Floor tiles with built-in lighting

modern floor tiles - red color