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Cleaning carpets without chemicals – tips and home remedies as an alternative

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As beautiful as carpets are, sooner or later they need cleaning. Stains are a common problem, especially on light-colored carpets. In addition, there are discoloration and the annoying mites, which are a big problem, especially for allergy sufferers. Now you don’t have to resort to professional, expensive and chemical carpet cleaners to freshen up your beloved carpet. You can do that with many home remedies Cleaning the carpet, so that it looks like new again quickly. We would like to list some such home remedies and tips for you in this article. Try them out for carpet cleaning before you resort to chemicals or hire a company.

Clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner

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Regularly cleaning the carpet with a vacuum cleaner is the be-all and end-all. This not only removes accumulated dirt, but also combats various pests. Dust allergy sufferers need this cleaning in order to get rid of most of the mites and, above all, the irritating mite excrement. Moths also love the carpet in your house and like to use it to lay their eggs there. The vacuum cleaner is the perfect device for everyday carpet cleaning.

Clean the carpet regularly as protection against pests

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If you use a vacuum cleaner to clean carpets, however, you should bear in mind that in some cases the carpet will be damaged. Many accumulated grains of sand, in combination with the vacuum cleaner, turn into a kind of razor, which cuts the fibers of the tissue. You can check if this is the case for you by looking in the bag or container after you clean the carpet. Excessive lint is not a good sign.

Clean the carpet with soda – remove stains immediately


In order to avoid stains and to make cleaning them as easy as possible, they should be removed as soon as possible. If these have not yet dried, they can be removed a lot better and more easily. The following applies: Do not rub the dots! Carbonated water is particularly suitable here. If you want to clean the carpet with soda, first place a thick towel on the fresh stain. Then pour the soda over it. The carbon dioxide dissolves the dirt, which is then absorbed by the towel. A steamer is not a good idea for stains. This usually only ensures that the dirt is burned into the fabric of the carpet. Soap is also rather difficult to handle on carpets. It is difficult to completely remove the soap at the end. The dried soap then binds the dirt in the fabric even better in the future.

Be careful with natural carpets

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Naturally, natural carpets are particularly sensitive. Chemical agents should be avoided when cleaning such a carpet as they can damage the fabric. You should also pay attention to the colors. This can lead to undesirable discoloration. Use mild and gentle products such as soap, water or a wool detergent to clean natural carpets. Then try the selected product on an invisible part of the carpet. So you can check how he reacts to the product. No matter what type of carpet you want to wet clean, wait until summer to do it. Otherwise, it dries far too slowly, which in turn can lead to an unpleasant odor.

Clean the carpet with home remedies – vinegar and lemon

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As mentioned earlier, there are a few home remedies you should try before using chemical products. These can often work wonders. Vinegar water is particularly suitable for cleaning the carpet yourself, pouring it onto stains and allowing it to soak in for a few hours. Lemon water is also suitable, which is carefully wiped off with a cloth after a few hours. But don’t forget that vinegar and lemon juice have a whitening effect. Therefore, only use them on light-colored carpets. As an alternative to colored carpets, baking soda can also be used to clean carpets.

Clean the carpet yourself with baking soda

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What actually has a cleaning effect with baking powder is the baking soda it contains. If you want to clean the carpet with baking soda, simply sprinkle baking soda on the stains and pour hot water over it, which will open the fiber pores. The whole thing should then be able to act for at least a few hours and preferably overnight. The next morning, just dab off the baking soda. You can also let the carpet dry and then vacuum off the baking soda. The process may have to be repeated for more stubborn stains. Another great thing about baking soda is that it combats unpleasant odors in the carpet.

Remove red wine stains on carpets with salt


You have probably heard of salt as a remedy for red wine stains, but simply forgot about it. Salt can be a real miracle cure here when it comes to cleaning carpets. However, action must be taken immediately. Sprinkle plenty of salt on the stain and let it sit that way. During this time, the red wine is simply absorbed by the salt. This can also cause it to turn red. Then remove the salt with the vacuum cleaner and repeat the process until the stain has disappeared.

Dried red wine


However, the stain may not be noticed until it has dried up. In this case, do not despair as there are a few remedies that you can try. These include white wine, mineral water, and vinegar water. The acid it contains could damage the carpet. So try again in an inconspicuous place.

Clean the carpet with shaving foam


Are you looking for an inexpensive alternative to carpet foam, then shaving foam is the perfect helper. You can clean the carpet by putting the foam on the stain, carefully working it in with a brush and letting it take effect. Then just vacuum it off. When choosing the shaving foam, make sure that it does not contain any additives. This also includes menthol.

Blood in the carpet


You can also cleanse blood in the carpet using home remedies. It is important that you use cold water for this. This will soften the blood. You can also use an ice cube to rub the stain with. Then dab it off with a cloth or paper towel and you are already removing most of the blood. Baking powder, or baking soda, is also suitable. This agent should act for two hours and is then suctioned off. The procedure may be repeated. As an alternative, aspirin in the form of effervescent tablets is also suitable.