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Ceramic and stoneware tiles as Mediterranean wall and floor coverings

stoneware tiles living room-design-eve-ceramic-tiles

Those who cannot decide whether they prefer porcelain stoneware or ceramic tiles will have it even more difficult after looking at the following collections. These are attractive designs for tiles made of stoneware and ceramic that were created in collaboration with Marcel Wanders and are offered by Ceramica Bardelli. In the collections called Eve and Sofia there are both ceramics and Stoneware tiles available. The attractive patterns exude Mediterranean flair and make every room something special. Check out the impressive collection below!

Ceramic and stoneware tiles – The Eve collection

stoneware tiles eve-hand-painted-design-pattern-pretty

Eve is one of the two collections that consists of ceramic tiles instead of stoneware tiles. The tiles are hand-painted and represent both natural and geometric elements. They are a representative of the designs typical of Ceramica Bardelli. The patterns are made of water colors, which gives them an authentic look. The tiles are available in five different colors to suit every taste. The patterns are reminiscent of Art Nouveau stoneware tiles.

Ceramic tiles in gray

stoneware tiles kitchen-monochrome-wall-eve-high gloss

The patterns in the Sofia collection are more complex and are individual and unique for each tile. These are motifs that are printed on the tiles, overlap and completely cover each individual tile. Optical illusions arise that give the stoneware tiles the opportunity to create very special atmospheres. The Sofia tiles are also available in five color variants. The Sofia models are available with porcelain stoneware as floor tiles and for the walls.

Tiles with a subtle pattern for the bathroom

stoneware tiles collection-eve-gray-color-modern-ceramica-bardelli

White bathroom design with black patterns

stoneware tiles eve-bathroom-furnishing-freestanding-bathtub-accent wall

Porcelain stoneware tiles with old patterns

stoneware tiles bathroom-idea-eve-blue-oriental

Romantic patterns from natural and geometric motifs


Pattern with yellow and light blue accents


Hand-painted patterns in gray and blue


Monochrome pattern with shades of gray


Ceramic tiles with a Mediterranean flair – the designer Marcel Wanders


Stoneware tiles from the Sofia collection

stoneware tiles floor-design-idea-sofia-bardelli

Tiles in the bathroom made of porcelain stoneware

stoneware tiles kitchen-flooring-bathroom-tiled mirror-modern-sofia

Porcelain stoneware tiles in gray


Monochrome earthenware tiles


Stoneware tiles in blue-gray


Stoneware tiles in five color variants


Porcelain stoneware tiles for interior design

stoneware-tiles-sofia-collection-earth clays-overlapping-pattern-motifs

Modern interior design for private and public spaces


Tiles from Ceramica Bardelli.