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Ceramic and porcelain tile design in an attractive wood look

tiles-design-porcelain-accent wall-old wood-look-foresta-living room-coffee table

The ceramics and Porcelain tile design different brands that we would like to introduce to you today can hardly be distinguished from real wood. Every idea for tiles has its own charm. The tiles in wood look with a glossy surface are suitable for an elegant interior, while a rustic flair can be achieved with an idea for tiles with a used look, i.e. with seemingly worn wood.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Design – Italian Masterwork


In our gallery for ceramic and porcelain tile design you will find various examples for walls as well as for the floor. They belong to different manufacturers, but they all have one thing in common: every idea for tiles with a wood look looks incredibly real and is a true masterpiece. You will also find that most of the manufacturers are Italian companies. It proves that the Italians are simply some of the best in this regard.

Porcelain tile design is more expensive


When it comes to ceramic and porcelain tile design, as already mentioned, you have the choice between porcelain and ceramics. Visually, both materials enable unique designs. The only difference between them is the price. Porcelain is a bit more expensive.

Tiles with a used look

tiles-design-porcelain-ng-kutahya-vintage-style-wall cladding-red-gray-wood-look-shower-open

Worn wood looks very rustic and likeable. With its help you can bring a natural ambience into the house. For this reason, this design is so popular for the tiles with a wood look. Above you can see, for example, a model with a porcelain tile design from the vintage collection by NG Kutahya Seramik. The three different colors look very interesting, while the horizontal arrangement makes the bathroom look bigger.

Rectified tiles


Limba series by NG Kutahya Seramik

Rectified tiles are the best choice for perfectionists. In addition, such a ceramic and porcelain tile design is a better choice if you want to lay a larger room with them. These are machine-worked tiles that have a perfect 90-degree angle.

Imitate parquet flooring


Kauri series by NG Kutahya Seramik

A rectified ceramic and porcelain tile design is so advantageous for tiles with a wood look because no joints are necessary to compensate for any unevenness. The perfect corners and edges make it possible to arrange the tiles directly next to each other, as is also the case with a parquet floor. The floor or the walls appear much more authentic.

Tiles with a recycled wood look


As beautiful as old wood looks, it has some disadvantages: The crevices and holes it contains quickly fill up with dirt, which is difficult, if not to say impossible to clean, and can lead to the formation of bacteria. Fortunately, however, the new technologies offer the possibility of simply imitating waste wood with a ceramic and porcelain tile design. A great example of this is the Legno series that you see above.

Reclaimed wood look in the bedroom


Porcelain tiles from Fioranese

Digital photography is simply used for this. This was wonderfully implemented in the porcelain tile design by Fioranese. The tiles look just as uneven as is the case with old wood. If you don’t suspect anything, you will be amazed when you suddenly notice a smoothness when you touch it.

Modern and rustic at the same time


A ceramic and porcelain tile design in an old wood look can be wonderfully combined with modern accents. This is also the case in this bathroom. The modern washbasin contrasts with the rustic flooring from the Old Wood collection by Fioranese, which in turn is available in oak, maple, walnut and cherry. How to find the perfect wood color for your home.

Patterns like with wood

tiles-design-porcelain-walnut-imitation-side-table-stool-old wood-bathroom-design

The porcelain tiles from Fioranese are offered in various color nuances and combinations of them. A special advantage that owners of dogs or cats in particular can and will love. Animal hair, but also other dirt, is hardly noticeable with such a ceramic or porcelain tile design.

Easy-care flooring


A real wooden floor is not that easy to care for. This is not the case with tiles. With a ceramic and porcelain tile design that imitates wood, you get a very easy-care floor that still has great properties, such as a cozy atmosphere.

Dark gray wood design

porcelain tiles design dark-gray-modern-old wood-look shelf

Coke tiles from Italgraniti

Even a modern furnishing style can be designed with a ceramic and porcelain tile design in an old wood look. The tiles from the Coke collection in dark gray are the perfect choice for this purpose. The effects that the imitation wood can have here are offered in six different variants.

Create zebra effect with ceramic and porcelain tile design

tile-design-porcelain-zebra wood-imitation-bedroom-mural

As is well known, you can create a wide variety of designs and effects with tiles. A really interesting idea is this zebra pattern that can be achieved with the special porcelain tile design by Cerdomus from the Over collection. They imitate the so-called zebra wood.

tiles-design-porcelain-living-room-interior-traditional-floor-fish gates

The look of the zebra wood is particularly suitable for modern furnishings. If you still want to incorporate a traditional style into the interior, arrange the ceramic or porcelain tile design, as in this example, in a herringbone pattern.


This bathroom proves that floor tiles can also be used to design walls. Use, for example, the porcelain tile design by Cerdomus, which imitates zebra wood, for the walls in the bathroom.

Imitating exotic wood with tiles

porcelain tiles design lafaenza-ceramic-exotic-wood-idea

Le Essenze collection by Lafaenza

Who doesn’t dream of an interior made of exotic, elegant wood? But the fact that such wood is always associated with higher expenses, it has an unfavorable consequence. And that’s the fact that you are constantly worried about not damaging the wood and, for example, adding scratches, which prevents you from enjoying your interior properly. But not with ceramic and porcelain tile designs that imitate exotic wood.

porcelain tiles design exotic-wood-look-lafaenza-flooring

Just look how real the porcelain tile design by Lafaenza looks. That proves that an imitation does not always have to mean a bad copy. The tiles have the same attractive and impressive pattern as real exotic wood and go wonderfully with wooden furniture to create a cozy atmosphere.

porcelain tiles design bedroom-design-lafaenza-modern-bed

Like any other ceramic and porcelain tile design, the Lafaenza design is very easy to care for. In contrast to a wooden floor, you no longer have to worry about direct sunlight through the windows. Because unlike real wood, the surfaces of the tiles do not fade. The perfect choice for houses and apartments with French windows or large window fronts.

porcelain tiles design zen-style-calm-bedroom-lafaenza

You get a great design in Zen style if you use a light ceramic or porcelain tile design with a wood look not only for the floor, but also for the walls. Lafaenza tiles, for example, bring a calming atmosphere to any room.

porcelain tiles design revigres-ceramic-blue-light-wood-look-wall

Tiles from Revigres

Revigres also has a fantastic ceramic tile design with exotic wood imitation and also in different color nuances. Such a ceramic or porcelain tile design is a great idea if you want to design an interior like this with different color nuances.

Modern design

porcelain tiles design gardenia-orchidea-modern-style-furnishing-concrete-wall

Just Venice series by Gardenia Orchidea

If you don’t like the cold properties of tiles at all and therefore do without tiles, you may not have thought of underfloor heating. This can be easily combined with tiles and you can then feel them really well. In modern furnishings, ceramic and porcelain tiles design with a wood look can be used consistently in all rooms, where you can play with patterns and colors.

porcelain tiles design minimalist-gardenia-orchidea-sideboard-waves-white

The great thing about wood is its neutral quality, thanks to which it can be combined with any material. The same goes for the ceramic and porcelain tile design that imitates wood, especially when it is as perfect as in the example above. An industrial kitchen with dining area was designed with the help of the Venice collection by Gardenia Orchidea and walls in concrete look.


Tiles can be arranged in any way. See how the same herringbone tiles from the industrial kitchen look. Big things can be achieved with small changes, depending on what your goal is in the establishment. In any case, we see a really stunning dining room here.


Foresta Timber tiles by Peronda

Graffiti is a very popular design method when it comes to modern furnishings and especially street style or urban style. But if you don’t want to have a graffiti painted on the wall right away, you can consider such a unique ceramic or porcelain tile design instead. Weathered wood and graffiti accents adorn the tiles. These porcelain models are suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

tiles-design-porcelain-beach-style-wood-look-peronda-wall cladding

Foresta Seawood tiles by Peronda

This modern porcelain tile design is also from Peronda. They have an interesting color scheme consisting of beige, brown and gray tones, which sets the entire room in scene. The view is not only drawn to the walls and the floor, but also the modern furniture is shown to its best advantage without creating an optical chaos.


The porcelain tile design is also the perfect choice if you want to set up a beach-style room, because the subtle pastel tones are just the right colors for it.


You get an attractive patchwork design with this series from Peronda. The tiles are given different patterns that make every single piece look fantastic. In combination with other designs, however, a new impressive arrangement is created from a ceramic or porcelain tile design.

tiles-design-porcelain-floor-idea-dining-table-wood-peronda-side table

Once you have decided on this design, the only problem left is choosing the pattern. However, if you can’t choose, just take all the sample variants and create a unique room with you that everyone will be jealous of.


With a ceramic or porcelain tile design in wood look, you can also set a great contrast to a neutral interior in white, as was done in this example. In addition, there are the attractive wooden beams on the ceiling, which give the interior a rustic touch and are still nicely complemented by the modern tiles.


Porcelain tiles from the Forest Burn collection

We think Peronda are true masters when it comes to creating interesting patterns. You will surely have felt this at the latest when you looked at these tiles. They imitate hand-made wooden boards that are white, worn in color. A porcelain tile design of a different kind.

tiles-design-porcelain-effective-brand-design-peronda-foresta-floor tiles

This porcelain tile design comes from the same collection. It combines the look of old wood with the vintage style and a fire look, which all together give the tiles a very special charm. If the room to be renovated or designed consists of white or other very light walls, these tiles can be used wonderfully.


Shabby Style Collection by Sil Ceramiche

This porcelain tile design imitates worn wood and can be used for the floor and walls. Look how perfect the design looks in combination with a stone wall! So you can add some Mediterranean flair to a modern interior.


Don’t just design the floor with a porcelain tile design. The stairs can also be wonderfully disguised with them. Again, they are a great alternative to real wood, as the tiles won’t wear out over time. It’s just left with the intentionally added worn look. The tiles from Sil Ceramiche are also perfect for this.


Just like old wood, the weathered look is very popular for designing rooms and outdoor areas with wood. However, you can use tiles again for this purpose. The porcelain tile design by Ariostea from the Legni High Tech collection is particularly suitable.


Especially outdoors, the maintenance and care of wood is quite difficult and, above all, time-consuming due to the weather conditions. That is not the case with the tiles. For this reason, they are the perfect substitute for wood. And if you choose a porcelain tile design that looks as real as Ariostea’s, you get everything you dream of.

Designs by: NG Kutahya Seramik






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