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Carpet style world – this is how the floor covering fits into your cozy lifestyle!


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If we create a haven of peace and relaxation, then many factors play an important role. In addition to colors, lighting conditions, decorative elements and the right room layout, your sense of wellbeing depends on the right floor covering. Contrary to many prejudices, carpeting is particularly suitable when designing your living area, in order to create a cozy and homely ambience! It is not for nothing that carpet runners are among the most popular furnishings and usually complement the popular sofa corner, which is a must in almost every household. But why only upgrade one corner when you can also design the entire room or larger parts of your apartment to perfection? We’ll show you why you shouldn’t do without textile carpeting any longer!

Live healthily and finally breathe deeply again – no problem with carpeting

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The properties of a modern carpet make it the ideal choice for many of your living and working spaces. Yet there is hardly any other floor covering that is so full of prejudices and associated with so many inadequacies. Some of the most common fears that discourage most people from purchasing textile carpets are fears of house dust mites, house dust and related allergy outbreaks. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Because the textile carpeting does not offer any breeding ground for the unwelcome animals, while its fine deep structure prevents the excrement of the mite, which causes the allergic outbreaks, from getting into the air we breathe. On the contrary, it has even been shown that carpets have a much better effect on the health of allergy sufferers and asthmatics than, for example, comparable hard floorings.

But where does our association of stuffy air and the idea of ​​the floor covering as a dust catcher come from? This is probably due to the practical mode of action of the textile fibers, thanks to which carpeting differs more than anything from hard floor coverings. While dust can move unhindered on smooth surfaces, it is held and bound by the upright fibers – and that’s a good thing! Because if the dust can spread unhindered, numerous particles will also be released, which you inhale unnoticed during your stay in the home. The textile surface means that noticeably fewer dust particles get into your lungs and you can finally breathe deeply again without having to worry about your well-being.

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So that your new floor does not get dusty and becomes a dust collector in the negative sense, all you need is regular cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, which you would not be spared even with parquet or laminate. In addition, it does not prevent you from ventilating your rooms regularly and letting new oxygen into your rooms. The idea of ​​musty and musty floors usually comes from old warehouses or attics where carpets were laid but not cleaned regularly. In addition, most products have a heat-insulating effect, so that rooms under the roof become oppressively warm if they are not ventilated.

Cozy and warm – with or without underfloor heating

While the heat-insulating property on the storage tank does not seem so desirable, it helps you save on heating costs in the living room or bedroom. If you suffer from cold feet in winter, the textile carpeting offers a pleasant base warmth and prevents the heat from the heater from seeping back into the ground. In summer, on the other hand, the floor invites you to explore the soft fibers with bare feet without letting them cool down.

By the way: Modern collections usually have a practical suitability for underfloor heating, which enables you to combine the carpeting with underfloor heating based on hot water. The full-surface heating from below ensures a pleasant room climate and also makes it even more difficult for the annoying house dust to move around.

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Diverse uses throughout the house

The laying of the textile carpeting is not limited to your living room or bedroom, where the soft usable area is particularly popular, but can also be used in all drying rooms of the house, depending on the model. Especially in multi-storey houses or apartments, the sound-absorbing effect of the carpet makes it the ideal choice for the nursery of older children or your private study. There is usually a lot of movement there, which can easily be heard in the lower rooms without any insulation measures. The dust-free air and the calm atmosphere help to concentrate there. The playrooms of small children should only be equipped with specially designated carpets, as these tend to tear the pile layer and stick the fibers in the mouth, which increases the risk of suffocation. In addition, you can even lay the more durable collections on stairs or in the entrance area and thus cover almost every area of ​​your home with the versatile material.

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Velor, loop pile or shaggy, subtle colors or brightly colored tones – with carpeting you are spoiled for choice

The optimal floor covering not only has a number of technical advantages to offer, it also has to look good so that you can feel completely comfortable at home. With carpets in particular, there is an enormous selection of colors and different surface structures that you can get in a wide variety of combinations and compositions.

The surface is usually differentiated between loop fabric and the numerous variants of the velor floor. Nowadays, both variants are basically manufactured using the so-called tufting process, in which the yarn material is pierced from below through a carrier layer. This creates a loop on the surface, which gives the loop fabric its name. If the loops are cut at the turning point, what is known as velor is obtained, which is even softer and more comfortable to the touch. This is not least due to the fact that more material is usually used for a velor floor in order to achieve a higher density.

Carpet Velours floor gray living room blue armchair Floor lamp

Loop fabric is particularly recommended in areas that are generally more heavily used, such as your entrance area. Velor, on the other hand, is particularly popular in the bedroom or living room, where the soft usable surface provides even more relaxation. Velor is divided into short pile and long pile. The most common forms of long pile are known primarily to the curled velor or the so-called frisé, which simply enhance any living space with their luxurious appearance. Another form of long-pile velor is the so-called shaggy or shag-pile, which is particularly popular in carpet form for large areas Carpets however, it is less common.

As if that weren’t enough choice, the textile fibers can be dyed superbly, so that most collections are offered in all the colors of the rainbow. Here you will find serious gray and anthracite tones as well as cozy cream colors such as beige or white. If all of this is far too colorless for you, you also often have the option of setting unique accents in the living area with intense red, blue, green, yellow or purple tones, which can then be supplemented with appropriate interior or wall colors.

Carpet from Vorwerk – your innovative floor covering from the heart of Germany

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Known for high-quality products such as reliable vacuum cleaners or the Thermomix, very few people know that Vorwerk also offers a comprehensive range of carpets. The company recently revised its product portfolio so that it is now even easier for you to find your dream floor. Divided into the Passion, Essential, Superior and Exclusive collections, you will find a number of different product lines, each with a different aspect in the foreground. In addition, the color of each category is based on a specific world of styles, inspired by classic to natural landscapes or exciting works of art, with which you can individually realize your dream of a glamorous apartment.

Vorwerk Essential – Everything a carpet needs to have

The Vorwerk Essential series expresses itself through its minimalist claim, which nevertheless promises the extraordinary quality of a Vorwerk product. With numerous decors in loop optics, this floor embodies above all the practical aspect of textile carpeting and was designed primarily for the contract sector, for example offices. This makes most Vorwerk Essential products a first-class choice in your private study or to equip your staircases. Thanks to the fact that most floors are suitable for castors, you don’t have to worry about damaging them with office chairs in the long term. In terms of color, Essential mainly offers more neutral tones, but also has a few variants in blue, yellow, green or various nuances of the color red.

Superior quality and even more choice with Vorwerk Superior

In contrast, Vorwerk Superior is presented with a large selection of different velor surfaces. Whether velor, velor loop, shaggy or even noble curled velor, you will find almost everything for the living room at home here. While you don’t have to do without the practical features such as chair castors or suitability for stairs, this variant offers significantly more luxury and comfort for the living area. In addition to classic colors, Superior has also been supplemented by the Nature Design style collection, so that you will find a much larger selection of exciting hues here. Whether you want to decorate your apartment in dark forest green, soothing sea blue or southern terracotta – all options are open to you here!

Vorwerk Exclusive – when the best is not good enough

As the name suggests, Vorwerk Exclusive is everything you could want in a carpet. The collection presents a comprehensive mix of hard-wearing products for the contract sector, but also offers you a large selection of luxury class 5 velor floors, which can no longer be surpassed in terms of softness. The suitability of chair casters and stairs even apply here to the contract sector, making it child’s play to cope with your domestic stairs. The enormous choice of colors is also particularly striking here, which simply leaves nothing to be desired. Whether beige, brown, anthracite, blue, yellow, green, terracotta, pink, red or even purple, you are guaranteed to find your favorite color here!

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Vorwerk Passion – homely design out of passion

Last but not least, Vorwerk is now offering a so-called white label product under the name Passion. Here you will find a comprehensive selection of textile floor coverings with a wide variety of specifications. While there was no sparing in the yarn material, the color composition or the processing, here you get the optimal carpet for the living area! Because the Vorwerk Passion Line is characterized by all the typical properties of a Vorwerk product, but does not bear his name, which is primarily reflected in the price.

So you no longer have to do without the design of your living space with incredibly diverse Carpets from Vorwerk! Discover a wide range of seemingly unlimited possibilities!