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10 interesting ideas for stylish wooden flooring

nice ideas flooring made of wood

Check out these 10 interesting ideas for Flooring made of wood and get inspiration for the wooden floor in your apartment. We have only selected suggestions for you with high quality products with beautiful designs.

The Mesquite wooden flooring from MHM Designs

mesquite ideas flooring wood

This classic one Flooring made of wood from MHM designs guarantees high quality and a stylish look. The Mesquite design looks traditional and classic, but has original structure and properties. The wood material is stable and cannot shrink easily. In addition, the model is extremely environmentally friendly. The sweet pod tree is particularly common in Texas and was often burned or cut off for agricultural purposes. MHM Designs rescues these trees, so to speak, and uses them to produce fine furnishings instead of destroying them.

Armstrong’s wooden flooring – the Rockwell Plank collection made of red oak

armstrong ideas for wood flooring

Of the Flooring made of wood with an antique look by Armstrong will definitely bring style and elegance to your interior. The floor was made of red oak tree, which is particularly stable and durable. This wood material has a nice antique look and can be removed or redesigned very easily. With this fabulous Rockwell Plank collection, quality and durability are definitely guaranteed.

Oak tree flooring in a vintage look from Quick Step

quick step ideas for wooden flooring

This Flooring made of wood in the vintage look will ensure class, elegance, quality and durability for your apartment. The floor in the vintage look is made by Quick Step manufactured and fits almost every interior with its classic design. This model will go particularly well with a traditional interior style, but it can also be combined with modern furniture and will create a nice contrast.

Flooring with a modern design in red by Legno Veneto

legno veneto ideas flooring wood

Magnificent Berti Kremlin floor decoration from Legno Veneto

legno veneto ideas flooring wood

Rustic floor design by Birger Juell

birger juell ideas flooring wood

Walnut flooring by Birger Juell

birger ideas flooring wood

Wooden panels from T. Morton made of walnut

tmorton ideas for wood flooring

Antique look flooring by Authentic Provence

authentic provence ideas flooring wood