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Natural stone in interior design – facing bricks, slabs or tiles?

Natural stone in the interior design slate-facing bricks-corridor-BRICK-BHUTAN

The special place from Natural stone in interior design is undisputed nowadays. Even minimalist furnishings benefit from the use of natural materials. Those who opt for it are investing in wall cladding or flooring that retains heat and has proven to be very practical. The stylish look is also a big plus. We try to give you an overview of the different types of stone and to help you decide on facing bricks, natural stone slabs or tiles.

Natural stone in interior design – types of stone and areas of application

Natural stone in interior design -wall panels-quartzite-black-white-kitchen

When we get over Natural stone in interior design speak, marble is an option. Known from Roman times, this stone is characterized by a consistently smooth surface and grain that sets accents in the interior. Area of ​​application – kitchen countertops, floor coverings or wall cladding. Mostly offered as slabs or tiles.

Thanks to the small cavities, travertine has a decorative effect – extremely durable, the stone is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Granite is a very common and popular material that is offered as an accent in gray or black nuances. The granite slabs are particularly durable and are preferred for living areas.

Natural stone in interior design – decorative types of stone

Natural stone in the interior design gray-marble-optics-wall-dining area-ABANA-BROWN-LINED-HOME-BIOPROT

Of the Natural stone in interior design Can also serve as decoration. Quartzite is available in numerous colors and is particularly popular because of its shimmering sheen. It has a very useful property – high temperature resistance. It can withstand temperature fluctuations well and is therefore well suited for outdoor use.

Limestone is usually light beige to gray and is great to attach to the wall as a facing brick.

Sandstone is a special type of stone that is offered as stone slabs for wall cladding for indoor use. The color of the different stone slabs can vary.

Natural stone in interior design – different uses

natural stone interior design bathroom wall tiles

Of the Natural stone in interior design offers numerous installation options. Whether you choose a facing brick, slabs or tiles depends on the area of ​​application. Stone slabs are larger than the tiles and are particularly well suited for wall cladding. The tiles are a great option for flooring in the house or in the entrance area. The facing brick or stone mosaic can be used as accents in the interior – choose a wall in the living room and decorate it. Please find attached the collection of a leading brand – l ‘Antic Colonial – let yourself be inspired!

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