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Painting tiles made easy – tips and picture instructions

Tile painting yellow-tiled-gray-wall-cupboard-kitchen

Tiles in eggshell yellow or with a floral pattern are no longer in demand, but can often be seen in old kitchens and bathrooms. Instead of letting this one tear with a lot of dirt and noise, you can just use the old one Painting tiles. That is how it goes.

Painting tiles made easy


The floor tiles can also be repainted. Before applying the paint, it is necessary to rinse the floor thoroughly and to clean it thoroughly with a suitable washing-up liquid to remove any impurities that may accumulate on the floor of every household over time. It is best to wear gloves and safety glasses and read the instructions on the packaging. Note that strong detergents can cause allergies.

Paint the old tiles step by step


Then rinse off the detergent with clean water, let it dry, and vacuum the floor before you start applying the paint.

Before painting the old tiles, they need to be cleaned

Painting tiles, preparing-washing-vacuuming

After the surface is completely clean, you can start painting. Find out which special varnishes are best for the floor. There are also special colors for bathroom ceramics. A hardener should be added to the epoxy paint.

Before proceeding to tile painting, a primer is required


Use painter’s tape to protect baseboards and apply the paint around the edges and grout with an acrylic brush.

Painting tiles – first cover the joints with paint


Then paint the entire tile surface with a paint roller. Repeat until the whole room is covered.

Painting tiles – Spread the paint evenly over the entire surface with a paint roller


Let dry for at least 3 hours. Only then can you apply a second coat of paint.

Paint the tiles with a paint roller


You can also paint the old tile mirror in the kitchen in the same way. The principle is the same: clean, prime and paint the surface.

Painting tiles – The kitchen wall can also be painted


It is common for impurities to accumulate on the kitchen wall during cooking if there is no splash guard. Over time, these can be very difficult to remove, but if they do, traces can remain visible. It is worth trying to refresh the kitchen mirror with paint instead of completely renewing the tiles.

Paint tiles and refresh the kitchen mirror 

tile joints-small-paint-brush-paint-white

Since the stains on the kitchen mirror are mostly greasy, you need to carefully remove this. Washing-up liquid and a scouring sponge mechanically remove the confusing traces of cooking by scrubbing hard. You can save yourself a lot of effort if you first spray the entire surface with grease remover, let it work for 20-30 minutes and then simply rinse off with warm water without scrubbing.

Refresh the kitchen mirror – paint the tiles


After thorough cleaning, let the surface dry well and apply the primer with a foam roller. You have to let it dry for 24 hours before you start painting.

Paint tiles – use bathroom white

Painting tiles -kuechenrueckwand-beautify

It is advisable to treat the dried surface with a so-called highly solidifying deep primer and only then apply the desired color. You can use bathroom white for painting. It is a matte white color that is highly moisture resistant and can be tinted.

Painting tiles – happy to have snow white again

Kitchen renovation-tile-mirror-white-tile-painting

Let it dry for 24 hours and apply a second coat of paint. The white color is the perfect solution if you want to really bring out a colorfully lacquered kitchen unit. In addition, light gray is currently very trendy and also a neutral color, suitable for modern kitchens.

An interesting idea with patterns for the bathroom – grout strips


If you want to retain the chrakateristic effect of the tile level that the joints create, use joint strips from the hardware store. Alternatively, you can use narrow painter’s tape. First apply the strips exactly to the joints and then apply the paint.

Paint and refresh tiles – in fresh colors


If you’ve decided on a new look for your kitchen, but don’t want to chop off and remove the tiles, paint them over in fresh colors. If your tiles have a square shape, this is a perfect prerequisite for designing the kitchen mirror in a chess pattern. For the kitchen, the black color is aesthetically suitable to a certain extent, which is why you should replace it with light blue, yellow or pistachio green. this gives your kitchen a completely new, fresh touch without much effort.

Painting tiles – Spice up gray floors in the laundry room


Geometric patterns are very modern at the moment and can also be seen in tile models. These are not difficult to create yourself with a few tricks. This essentially requires high-quality painter’s tape. This is offered in the specialist trade in a wide variety of strengths. Choose the one that is suitable for your DIY project.

Painting tiles – creating strips with adhesive tape

Tile-painting-laundry-white-floor-strips-adhesive tape

First you have to paint the tiles in a basic color and after it is completely dry, after about 24 hours, you can use the painter’s tape to create a pattern like this. It is advisable to take the lighter shade as the base color and use the darker one for attractive accents.

Paint the tiles in gray and white – patterns made easy


Note that all colors have different opacity. Therefore, do a test on a hidden corner before applying the selected color to the entire surface.

Painting tiles – With a stencil


You can use a stencil to create elaborate patterns. Different models can be found in the hardware store. When choosing, keep in mind the size of your tiles and how you should place each figure on it.

Paint the kitchen wall – create your own tile pattern


Tiles are not laid on the kitchen wall in every kitchen. Would you like some that go perfectly with your kitchen, but you don’t want some to be relocated? The perfect solution is to design a tile pattern directly on the kitchen wall with wall paint. The painter’s tape is used again for this purpose.

Make kitchen wall with tile pattern yourself


Here you choose a special fabric tape that is very narrow and elastic. It has a typical blue color and is used for fine, precise painting work.