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Interesting wall design with tiles by Lenny Kravitz

Wall tiles Lenny Kravitz Design

A creative wall design idea came from none other than musician Lenny Kravity – Wall design with tiles in 3D optics. Goccia is the name of the new Lea Ceramiche collection, which was actually created through close collaboration with Kravitz Design. The rock legend gathered a creative team back in 2003 and founded a design studio.

Wall design with tiles in 3D optics

creative wall tiles-modern wall design

The Goccia Wall Tiles are one of your newest products that we are bringing you today. Like it for that Lea Ceramiche Products are already known, great attention is not only paid to the appearance, but also great importance is attached to the quality. the Wall design with tiles is inspired by the interaction of water and light / Goccia means drop in Italian /, these excellent tiles resemble a convex mirror and can reflect light and movement in the room.

Wall design with tiles – rocker look for the interior

chic black tiles three-dimensional

As a result, a luxurious ambience is created. The modern look is emphasized not only by the choice of colors, but also by interesting patterns, dimensions and the composition of the individual tiles. One thing is certain – this one Wall design with tiles offers much more than just a practical wall covering. The Goccia wall tiles are strictly only offered in black and white and are offered glazed or unglazed.

Interesting three-dimensional wall tiles

Wall cladding living room

Black wall tiles create an optical illusion

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Elegant and luxurious wall design ideaWall design with tiles