What are the best cardio machines for the home gym?

Many would like to do more for their fitness, but don’t really feel like walking or cycling around after work or on the day off. Going to the gym isn’t always easy either, so setting up a home gym in your own four walls is not a bad idea. If you have a converted basement or a room, you can fulfill your dream of having your own fitness studio with the right equipment.

Which devices should not be missing in the home gym??

Home gym equipment elliptical machine and exercise ball

To burn fat effectively, cardio machines are your best bet. But which of the many different cardio machines is perfect for losing weight and what does the treadmill, the rowing machine and the? Cross trainer? If you have the goal of losing weight and getting your cardiovascular system going, you should not only concentrate on strength training, but also think about cardio workouts. In this area, there are many ways in which endurance and strength training can be ideally combined. However, it is important that the laps are part of the training plan, because it is the mixture that makes sports at home and sports outside so healthy.

Endurance training in the home gym on the cross trainer

Be there with joy

Anyone who has ever been to a fitness studio can certainly still remember those who somehow walked listlessly on the treadmill and stood on the stepper, clearly bored. Others play with their smartphone during this time or prefer to chat lively with their neighbors rather than concentrate on training. This approach does not make the sport effective, because those who take the time to do sport should also be involved. If you train in your home gym, you have to leave your cell phone outside and just concentrate on the sport, because that’s the only way to enjoy it.

Train effectively at home

Which devices are recommended?

Fitness equipment for home rowing ergometers

Of course, it is a question of price which equipment comes into the home gym. Recommended is a Rowing ergometer, that trains all major muscle groups and burns 1000 calories per hour. At just under 300 euros, this device is not too expensive. A classic is the treadmill, which is chosen by many who set up a gym at home. The treadmill makes it possible to set goals and run in any weather. Depending on the speed, between 400 and 1000 calories can be burned, but the cost of just under 800 euros for this device is very high. The Stairmaster, which replaces climbing stairs in everyday life, is also not a bargain. Up to 1000 calories can be burned per hour and the legs and bottom are optimally trained. The price for such a stairmaster is just under 1050 euros.

Cardio machines in the home gym treadmill

Anyone who likes to ride a bike but doesn’t really feel like cycling through the countryside in all weathers should put a bicycle ergometer in their home gym. With this you can easily burn 1000 calories per hour. Cycling trains the legs and buttocks, just like jumping rope, a workout that costs little but is very effective. Usually only one fitness device is enough to keep your figure permanently and stay fit. If you want even more fitness, you can still run or cycle outside.

Home workout jumping rope in the living room