The best leggings for every training situation – you should pay attention to this!

The best leggings for every type of training and every sport

It’s no secret that wearing the right clothing is essential when exercising because the wrong outfit can completely ruin your workout. If clothing feels uncomfortable or uncomfortable, it is difficult to concentrate fully on an activity. Leggings naturally fall into this category. But a single pair is not ideal for every type of exercise. So which leggings do you need for sports, running or yoga? It depends on how much you sweat and whether you are exercising outdoors or indoors. Today we’re telling you which leggings are the best based on your workout, and tips that fitness experts swear by.

The best leggings for running

The best leggings for running reflective elements

Running on pavement and asphalt means jumping a lot, so leggings made from a sturdy compression material are the right choice. Compression leggings warm the leg muscles and have a positive effect on cellulite.

Other must-have features: reflective elements (especially if you run early in the morning or late at night) and a pocket for your keys, phone or ID.

Compression leggings with reflective elements for running in winter

The best leggings for HIIT training

The best leggings for HIIT workout interval training

If you have to do intensive interval training, you should rely on compression fabric and a nice, high waist. As with running, the compression leggings ensure the best comfort when jumping up and down and prevent uncomfortable slipping or wobbling.

And the high waist is a must so your tank top doesn’t ride up on mountain climbers or burpees. Also think about the heavy sweat factor. Fabrics that do not absorb sweat are recommended for HIIT workouts. Do not buy cotton and avoid dark colors.

The best leggings for hiking

The best leggings for hiking choose warm material like merino wool

You don’t have to ask too much of your leggings when hiking, as the pace is usually slow and steady. Hiking is all about comfort. A simple pair of mid-length leggings with no compression is fine. And what about the cold? Opt for a warm material like merino wool.

The best leggings for indoor cycling

The best leggings for indoor cycling

You’ll be spending a while on this bike seat, so buy a model that can provide you with the level of comfort you need. You need additional material for your buttocks. Look for a snug-fitting model with padding and avoid zippered pockets that can irritate your skin.

The best leggings for CrossFit

The best leggings for CrossFit compression shorts

All that jumping and crouching means you need leggings that offer maximum freedom of movement but are still cool. Therefore, it is recommended that you wear a pair of high-waisted compression shorts. Opt for a length that ends no more than mid-thigh so that they don’t slide up.

Do you prefer a little more fabric? Try capri-length leggings. They also reduce the friction that can sometimes occur with shorts.

The best leggings for yoga

The best high-waisted yoga leggings for maximum comfort

No matter what yoga posture you adopt, high-waisted leggings will ensure maximum comfort. But that’s not the only thing to look for. If you’re practicing a dynamic style of yoga with lots of movement like Vinyasa Flow or Power Yoga, find a fabric that dries quickly. Are the physical and breathing exercises rather slow? Then choose soft fabrics that hug the skin gently and allow unrestricted freedom of movement.

The best leggings for Pilates

The best leggings for Pilates Capri length

The slow movements and gentle stretches mean you don’t have to worry too much about sweating. So you can’t go wrong with any fit or material. Avoid leggings with pockets or zippers on the buttocks or the back of the waist, as you will spend a lot of time lying on your back.

The best leggings for weightlifting

The best leggings for CrossFit dumbbells in the gym

Look for leggings with a high waist to support your core. Anything else to consider? With all that stooping and crouching, quality is very important. You want reinforced or even double seams so the leggings don’t tear.

The best leggings for MMA and boxing

The best leggings for MMA and boxing

As with leggings for HIIT, high-waist leggings are also a must for MMA or boxing. With conventional models, kicks can cause the waist to slip towards the hips again and again. The high waist remains stable so you can concentrate on your training.

The best leggings for pregnant women

The best leggings for HIIT workout interval training

Since most pregnancy workouts can be done at low intensity, performance is less important than comfort and coverage. Choose a super elastic pair that will stretch with you and your growing tummy and a lightweight fabric that will help you stay cool. Depending on the model, the leggings can be worn over or under the stomach.

Which leggings for strong legs

the best leggings for strong legs

Poorly fitting leggings that don’t flatter your curves can affect your concentration while exercising. Avoid this scenario with high-waisted compression leggings. They offer the ideal support and conjure up a slim figure.

The best affordable training leggings

Which leggings for strong legs, high-waisted compression leggings

Do you want to try a new sport? Wait until you are sure you want to spend a lot of money on equipment. High-waisted black cotton leggings are versatile enough to be suitable for most sports – and budget models are easy to find.

Oufit with sports leggings for everyday wear and a croptop in pink