Simple yoga exercises improve intestinal peristalsis and digestion

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Are you looking for an exercise against bloating? Maybe we can give you a few tips. Workable Yoga exercises reduce stress and help normalize the digestive system and peristalsis, i.e. restore harmony in the stomach and intestines. You can be inspired by it.

Yoga exercises – help against bloating

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Overeating is always an issue at parties and celebrations. The symptoms start in the days after and manifest themselves as a swollen abdomen, pain or slight pressure in the abdomen. If the peristalsis is stimulated, one feels uncomfortable. (Abdominal distension can also be caused by insufficient digestive power of the digestive organs. In order to rule out this cause of flatulence, better chewing helps us). How can you help your digestive system??

Yoga exercises ensure good health and longevity. Yoga is fun, challenges the body and rest for the soul. So you are fit and flexible all year round. Many yoga exercises have an activating effect on the digestive system. If you are a beginner, don’t forget to warm up.

Peristalsis yoga for health and wellbeing

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This position should be done after a meal as it has a positive effect on the digestive tract. Put both knees in place, sit down between your heels. Straighten the spine. Put your hands on your hips and stand in this position for at least a minute. In addition to the stomach, the muscles of the legs also respond well and remove rheumatic and neuralgic pain.

Yoga for the stomach – Asana “Superman”

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Lie on your stomach and relax. Raise your arms and feet forward so that they are no longer touching the floor. Now try to slowly extend your legs and arms upwards. Bend the body up and the head will also lift up. This yoga exercise works the abs, arms and shoulders. Before you continue with the next exercise, take a little break to relax.

Yoga asana “bow”

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Try to swing your body back and forth. These exercises need to be done about 2 hours after eating. Afterwards you are wonderfully refreshed and full of new strength for a long day. Not suitable for people with heart problems or intervertebral disc damage.

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A calming yoga position is the head-to-knee position. Sit on the floor. Try to bend your upper body forward as much as possible. Extend your arms towards your legs. Hold this position for about a minute. the Yoga exercises bring the desired effects if done regularly. Think of a normal breathing frequency.