Keep your legs fit with Pilates exercises – the training of the stars

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For more than ten years, Pilates has been one of the stars’ favorite training methods – the intensive and at the same time pleasant training keeps the body fit. Actress Vanessa Paradis swears by them Pilates exercises – they help her to keep her legs fit.

 With Pilates exercises to the dream figure

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Those who train regularly will quickly achieve their dream figure. For best results a combination of 30 minutes running followed by 30 minutes Pilates exercises recommended during the day. You shouldn’t eat anything for at least 2 hours before training – otherwise you risk stomach problems. Just walk in place for 5 minutes to warm up. Then start doing the lying down exercises. Hug your right leg with your hands and slowly pull it towards you. Hold the other leg straight ahead. A super effective exercise is this – first stretch your arms forward, then chew yourself. Slowly stretch your right leg forward. Then step back in the starting position. Beginners can lean their back against a wall. Repeat 20 times.

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Tighten the leg muscles Pilates exercises in combination with Theraband. So you can use the ribbon to tie a circle about 50cm in diameter around the legs and then first move one leg forward and then the other.

Legs and hips can be punished differently – just climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator. This prepares the muscles for evening workouts and keeps them fit.

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