How you can have the Heidi Klums dream figure and firm legs

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The supermodel Heidi Klum has always impressed her millions of fans with her perfect body and especially with her tight thighs. To the great thighs and Heidi Klum’s dream figure However, to achieve this, you need tough exercises that remove cellulite from your thighs and strengthen your muscles.

Heidi Klum’s dream figure can be achieved with exercises

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Before starting the exercises, stand firmly on your right foot and twist your toes to the right. After that, bend your right knee slightly, lift your leg a little, and then drop your body weight completely on the right leg. Bend your body to the right. This will help you achieve balance, which is very important in properly performing the exercises for toned legs.

Heidi trains outdoors

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After you have achieved balance, bend your arms at your elbows and straighten them forward at the level of your eyes. The fingers should be in the fist position so that when you pull them towards you, there is a movement like a punch. Place your right arm next to your body, stretch your left arm upwards. It is important that the arm is level with the floor. Now lift your left leg and bend it at the knee. The goal is for the knee to be in the plane of the left fist. Put your left leg as close to your body as possible. This is the starting position where the actual exercise should begin.

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To the Heidi Klum’s dream figure it continues:

With a strong kick you put your right leg upright, then quickly put it back close to the body again. Hold this position for 15 seconds. Do the same thing again. Please don’t forget to keep your balance. Do the same exercise with your right leg.

It is recommended to repeat this combination of exercises often. In combination with other exercises, you would of course get better results.

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