Get tight upper arms like Jennifer Garner – At almost 50, she looks great!

Tight arms with nearly 50 Jennifer Garner trained

Jennifer Garner has always been in insanely good shape, but over the past year we can’t stop admiring her beautifully sculpted arms in particular. At 46, she looks just as good as in her days as Elektra and Sidney Bristow in the TV series “Alias ​​- the Agent”. If you’re curious how the triple mom got those incredibly toned upper arms, we’ve got all the details about her upper body and arm workouts.

Tight upper arms at almost 50 – it is possible!

Tighten arms at 50 Jennifer Garner looks in top shape

In her latest film, Jennifer Garner plays a wife and mother who becomes a badass law enforcement officer after her husband and child were murdered by members of a drug cartel. In the film, Jen’s character, Rylie North, takes vigilante justice and disappears for five years to train. Jennifer herself only had three months to get at her best and look like an action star. And she turned to celebrity trainer Simone de la Rue, the founder of Body By Simone, to get her where she was going.

Tight upper arms Jennifer Garner action figure in top form at almost 50

De La Rue said she had met with the director of “Peppermint” beforehand and discussed in detail what Jennifer should look like. You focused particularly on the arms and upper body and did a lot of exercises for the upper arms. This included triceps exercises with dumbbells and therabands, as well as triceps dips. Garner also did overhead presses with resistance bands to work out the biceps, deltoid, and chest.

Siimone De La Rue celebrity trainer firm and in good shape

Jennifer trained for an hour or two at De la Rue six days a week for three months. “Dumbbells, functional training, trampoline, dance cardio, exercise bands … there was everything. It was a very extensive training, ”says Jennifer. But in addition to the sessions, which Jenni describes as “tough,” she boxed, learned Krav-Maga techniques, and trained with the stunt team.

Jennifer Garner workout arms and torsos for Peppermint Film

Back in September, the mother of three posted an Instagram video of the two training together, and it’s very intense, to say the least. In the short video, Garner takes several seemingly simple but effective steps. To tone her arms, she does a series of resistance band exercises like biceps curls, front and side raises, and shoulder presses.

Jennifer Garner Workout Plan on Instagram

While Garner and De la Rue make it all look very simple, you can bet their arms ached a lot after the workout. They also use 6 to 7kg dumbbells, a bosu ball, and resistance bands to perform abdominal and compound movements. The actress also shared her recipe for “transforming a mother of three back into an action lady” on Instagram: “For an hour Bodybysimone training, 1.5 hours of stunt team training, 50 cups of coffee, and three minutes of cryotherapy. ”Cryotherapy is widely used by athletes. This is about whole-body cold therapy. During the treatment, you stand in a cryosauna for two to three minutes at around -1 to -50 degrees Celsius. It is primarily used for muscle regeneration and relief from chronic pain and inflammation.

cryotherapy treatment with cold

If you’re looking to get toned upper arms like Jennifer Garner, do this upper body workout from De la Rue that includes the same exercises that Jennifer did.

It is important to include various movements to ensure that you are building multiple muscle groups from all angles. This reduces the risk of injury and prevents muscle spasms.

Jennifer Garner with almost 50 slim and well-trained for Peppermint Film

Beginners should do the workout once a week as part of a three-day training program. If you are more advanced, do this twice a week as part of a six day routine. Make sure to train your lower body on the other days.

If you want to get the same results from Garner’s hardcore training program, check out her Instagram – and it might be enough to motivate you to order fitness / resistance bands ASAP!

Jennifer Garner’s training plan for firm upper arms

Do exercises for tight arm push-ups against a wall

1) Do pushups on a wall

Do at least 10 repetitions, ideally up to 40

Muscles used: chest, upper arms, triceps, core

Exercise description:

Stand in front of a wall with your feet hip-width apart and your toes about 30 to 60 cm from the wall. Place your hands flat against the wall, a little more than shoulder width apart.

Bend both arms and tighten your whole body tightly – push your upper body forward until your head almost touches the wall. Then push yourself away from the wall again until you are straight again.

Upper arms tighten exercises biceps curls with exercise band

2) biceps curls with training tape

Do at least 20 repetitions, ideally up to 60

Muscles used: biceps, upper arms

Exercise description:

Wrap both ends of the fitness band around your hands and stand in the middle of the band. The arms should be bent at the elbows and the back slightly arched. Hold your hands with the palms facing up.

Exhale and bend your forearm maximally upwards, keeping your elbows close to your body. Inhale and slowly lower your forearms back to the starting position.

Tighten the upper arms Exercise with tape in front of the chest

3) Bring the tape in front of the chest

Do: at least 10 repetitions per side, ideally up to 30

Target area: chest, shoulders

Exercise description:

Attach the tape to the wall at chest level. Stand in front of the wall with your back to the tape and grab one end of the tape with each hand.

Step forward with one leg to create tension. Bring your arms forward together, palms facing in, and elbows slightly bent.

Open your left arm to the side while holding your right arm tight – don’t let it sway! Bring your left arm back and repeat with the other arm.

Tighten upper arms exercise with fitness band, raise arms forward

4) Raise your arms forward

Do at least 10 repetitions, ideally up to 30

Target area: shoulders, back

Exercise description:

Stand in the middle of the belt with your arms in front of your thighs. Hold one end of the ribbon in each hand with your palms facing your legs. Keep your arms straight and raise them to shoulder height. Take a short break and slowly lower your arms. This exercise should be done in a controlled manner.

Tighten your arms, pull the tape towards you and twist your upper body

5) Pull the band towards you and twist your upper body

Do at least 10 repetitions per side, ideally up to 20

Muscles used: middle back, lateral abdominal muscles

Exercise description:

Attach a ribbon at shoulder height. Take both ends of the ribbon in your right hand and stand in front of the wall. Take a step back with your left leg and pull your right elbow toward you. Hold your position for a moment! Then, as you exhale, rotate your shoulders to the right, moving only your trunk and holding your lower body forward. Back to the start. This is a repetition.

Toning Arms Workout Bent over rowing with dumbbells

6) Bent over rows with dumbbells

Do at least 10 repetitions, ideally up to 30

Target areas: Middle back, biceps, latissimus muscles

Exercise description:

Stand your legs hip-width apart, bend your knees slightly and bend your upper body forward. Pick up the dumbbells, preferably 1 to 2 kg, with your arms outstretched toward the floor, palms facing your knees. Now lift your elbows up and out so that they form a right angle. Let your arms drop again. This is a repetition.

Jennifer Garner, her dark red dress afforded a clear view of her slender arms

Which diet or nutrition does Simone De la Rue recommend?

Of course, it’s not just about training. De La Rue points out that it’s 20 percent exercise and 80 percent diet. You won’t see any results from hitting the gym, but your diet won’t reflect it.

Although the celebrity fitness trainer doesn’t believe in dieting, she tries to teach healthy eating to her clients – including Garner. “I encourage my customers to remove dairy products, gluten, sugar, starch and alcohol from their diet, at least for a short time, in order to give their body a break and start its self-cleaning and self-healing processes. For this reason I see the Paleo diet as a way to increase protein intake, build muscle and also shed a few pounds. “

Grow and harvest fresh fruit and vegetables yourself

The paleo diet consists only of proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables. It is also known as the Stone Age Diet because it was designed to mimic the diets of our ancestors. No kilocalories are counted. One should simply avoid the forbidden foods.

What does a typical meal for De La Rue look like? “I love eggs for breakfast with avocado and salmon”. Then a protein smoothie as a morning snack. Chicken breast and salad for lunch, rice cookies with peanut butter as an afternoon snack and roasted root vegetables and turkey breast for dinner. “

Healthy Eating Recipe for Beet Chips by Jennifer Garner

On Instagram, Jennifer Garner also gives her fans an insight into her healthy eating habits. She also recently published recipes for beet chips and kale chips. She and her three children have their own farm in Los Angeles where they grow their own food. She enjoys involving her children in the farm-to-table process, such as harvesting honey from her seven beehives.

While her exercise regimen may seem intense to some, as a mother of three, Garner shows that it is possible to achieve action star results with persistence, perseverance, and patience. That is the real recipe for every successful everyday fitness routine.