Functional training trend – benefits, fitness equipment and exercises

functional training equipment sandbag-sling trainer-resistance bands-endless rope trainer

“Functional training” has changed from a trend to a mass phenomenon in recent years and is also referred to as the training of the future. This form of training relies on everyday movements in which the various muscle groups interact at the same time. Accordingly, the training exercises should be functional, i.e. not aimed at individual muscles or muscle groups in isolation as in traditional strength training. The focus is on the complex, natural sequences of movement. The body as a whole should be strengthened and at the same time made stable and resilient.

What does functional training bring?

functional training of your own body weight weight vest

Functional training makes your own Body to training device and should produce holistic effects: Optimizing performance in the areas of strength, endurance, coordination and flexibility. Regular training strengthens the entire musculoskeletal system, which is positive in everyday life. Nice muscles are included for free! The aim of functional training is to stabilize the body and make muscles and joints fit for training, everyday life and competition. Functional training is ideal for amateur athletes – regardless of fitness level and age.

Even the operators of conventional fitness studios have recognized that they can no longer satisfy their customers with classic dumbbells and training equipment. Functional training is now also possible in your own four walls and while traveling. The best: no dumbbells are required, just a few auxiliary devices that are user-friendly and safe to use are sufficient. on for example, you can discover the large selection of different functional training devices. Each device has its own focus, but can also be used individually for holistic training. So you don’t have to go through 10 or more individual stations like in the gym. With a wide range of different weights and designs, everyone can put together their own individual training accessories and as soon as the selection has been made, you can start.

Functional training exercises

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The functional training program mainly consists of exercises in which the trainee works with his own body weight as resistance. An external stimulus puts the athlete in an unstable equilibrium situation in which he has to stabilize or balance himself.

The focus is on the core muscles, which are very important for the stability of the entire musculoskeletal system. In particular, the abdominal muscles, the abductors in the hips and the stabilizers of the shoulder are trained. In order to permanently strengthen the core, many exercises take place standing on both legs. But there are also variations in which you lie on the floor or start in a push-up position.

The most famous functional training fitness equipment

functional-training-exercise-sling-trainer-rowing-upper body

  • Of the Sling trainer is the all-rounder for training coordination and strength. It is only trained with body weight and the selection of exercises is quite large. Both the upper body and the lower body can be trained. The intensity of the exercise can be varied continuously by changing the angle of installation. The device is therefore equally suitable for beginners and professionals.

Basic exercises with the sling trainer:

– Rowing on an incline (arms, shoulders, back),

– push-ups (chest, shoulders, torso, arms)

– Butterfly Reverse with staggered arms (shoulder, upper back, neck)

– Recrunch (stomach, legs)

– squat (legs, buttocks)

Sandbag training


  • The sandbag is an extremely versatile training device and offers one of the most effective ways to build muscle, reduce fat and improve posture. As the name suggests, it is trained with a more or less heavy sandbag. In contrast to conventional weights such as dumbbells, movement with a sandbag is much more unstable because the sand in the sandbag is constantly moving. The weight is therefore not rigid and the muscles are forced to constantly readjust with almost every exercise. The blackPack sandbags can also be filled with an (optional) AQUA loading bag. This turns the sandbag into an aquabag and the unstable training becomes even more intense because the water moves even more.

Basic exercises with the sandbag:

– Shouldering (almost all muscles are used, builds core strength)

– Power Clean & Press (for training the core, abdominal and upper body muscles)

– Around the world (functional full-body exercise)

– Plank with outside pull (trunk and shoulder girdle muscles)

– Rotational lungs (core stability, abdominal and back muscles)

Battle ropes


  • Battle ropes are fitness ropes that are swung in different ways so that they run in waves to the anchor point. The swing techniques primarily train strength endurance. The arm and shoulder muscles benefit enormously from the exercises, but the torso and legs are also trained. The battle ropes are available in different lengths and diameters. For the training you need about half the pitch as a training surface. The diameter of the rope is decisive because it has a direct influence on the difficulty of the exercises. The thicker the rope, the greater the effort has to be.

Basic exercises with battle ropes:

– Jumping Jack (legs, arms, shoulders)

– Eight (pounding muscles)

– reciprocal waves (arms, shoulders)

– Russian twist (stomach, arms)

Resistance bands

functional-training-resistance bands-more effective-more varied

  • The elastic Resistance bands, Also known as power bands, they are perfect for training strength and flexibility. The principle is very simple: the further the rubber bands are stretched, the greater the resistance, because they strive back to their initial resistance. They make every exercise more effective and varied. With the help of the resistance bands, all parts of the body can be trained, especially the legs, stomach and buttocks.

Basic exercises with resistance bands:

– Glute Bridge (buttocks, stomach, legs)

– Front squats (stomach, legs)

– Flutter kicks (stomach, legs)

– Push-ups (chest, shoulder and core muscles)

Endless rope trainer


  • Low weight, usable anywhere and easy to learn. With the Endless rope trainer you can train pulling, pushing and rotating movements that challenge the entire upper body. You train with a 4m long endless rope with selectable resistance. The rope trainer not only challenges the back muscles, but also the shoulders, arms and grip strength.

Basic exercises with the endless rope trainer:

Whether turned towards the device or turned away, standing, sitting or supporting – this training device offers countless exercises.