Fitness against depression – how exercises improve our mood

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Sport is said to be a valuable helper for depression by improving our mood and letting us go through life more relaxed. The regular visits to the gym can against depression help and even protect us from it, claim scientists. A 30 minute workout every day and we will experience a significant improvement in our emotional state. This is what the American Association for Mental Health recommends.

Fitness workout – a successful remedy for depression

Exercising with weights is effective against depression

Frequent physical activity improves self-esteem and reduces stress, according to the researchers. The training could also prevent stress and a depressed emotional state, but also as a remedy against depression and serve emotional unrest. People who exercise regularly are around 30% less likely to develop depression and dementia than their peers who do not exercise.

Against depression – do sports

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The researchers recommend an exercise program that acts as a “regulator” of our mood. But they also say that we shouldn’t overdo it – because then we could also cause negative effects. You could get bitchier and close yourself off. It is very important to choose the right exercises that suit us and our physical capabilities.

Endurance training in the gym reduces stress

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The best way for beginners to achieve the best exercise program in the gym with a professional trainer. They can better assess your abilities and current capacity and put together an individual and perfect program for you. It is important not to lose the fun of sport in all of this. Take it easy and avoid overworking your body.

The good physical shape puts a smile on your face

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And as soon as you and, above all, your body have got used to all the new exercises, you will quickly see the fun in the exercise. Who wouldn’t be proud of every pound lost or all the new muscles that come out? And if you are proud of your body and your endurance, you are generally more satisfied with yourself – the best foundation for a life without depression!