Detoxify the body – Get rid of toxins with simple yoga exercises

Breathing is refreshingly calming and relieves stress

Learn how to do it with simple yoga exercises Detoxify the body can. The exercises are well suited for beginners / it is recommended that you seek advice from experts / л

Detoxify the body – the right breathing

Beginners healthy breathing properly calm down the senses

Every yoga exercise, even breathing, has the ability and ability to rejuvenate us Detoxify body. Being physically flexible, lively, and with a calm mind means health. Today we have selected the best exercises for you that will help you stay younger for longer.

Detoxify the body with the right exercises

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Before we start our own yoga set, we often do a few warm-up exercises that lead to the Detoxify body. They should make the muscles and tendons a little more supple, prepare the body and mind for the yoga class and make individual exercises easier for us

Do the “sun salutation” 3-4 times. We start with the “plow” (Halasana). This is an exercise for detoxification of the body and against wrinkles. It also shapes the thighs, stomach and waist. In addition, this position supports the spine, a fact that also leads to eternal youth. Never do this position if you have a hernia, high blood pressure or arteriosclerosis.

Exercise at home regularly

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The starting position for this asana is the shoulder stand (Salamba Sarvangasana). The legs are stretched straight towards the ceiling, your back is supported with your hands. You stand steady in the shoulder stand and breathe in and out deeply. Exhale while slowly moving your left leg towards the floor behind your head. Your toes show you the way. Put your toes down for a moment, breathe in, and bring your leg back upright. Repeat the same thing with your right leg. Then slowly bring both legs behind your head until your toes touch the floor. Make sure to keep your back perpendicular to the floor. Hold the position of the plow for 30 seconds to five minutes, depending on your skill level, and then return to the shoulder stand.

Pleasant and simple exercises that will help you get rid of the toxins

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Then do the “candle” or the shoulder stand. The position also helps when your Detoxify body want. The shoulder stand is known as the “queen of exercises”. The important asana strengthens the thyroid gland and thus all physical functions. Lie on your back for this asana. Keep your legs closed and your hands on the floor, inside out. In a slow, flowing motion, raise your legs first and then your pelvis as well. Place your hands on your lower back to support your body in the posture. Stand up so that your body is as straight as possible. Stay in the shoulder stand for as long as you are comfortable. The “candle” smooths the wrinkles on the face, you get a fresh look. It also stimulates hair growth. The position is contradicted in arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure and inflammatory processes in the head area.

Stretching exercises help reduce stress and detoxify the body

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We then go into the forward bend. This is a very important exercise for detoxification of the body. The forward bend is a great exercise for stretching your spine and legs. It also promotes blood flow to the organs. Sit on your yoga mat with your back straight and legs outstretched. The toes point up. The hands lie loosely on the thighs. As you inhale, raise your arms, then slowly bend your torso forward and slide your hands along your legs as you exhale. Do not move jerkily, but slowly flowing. Try to grab your toes or just bend over as far as you can. The lower back remains straight. Advanced learners can put their stomach and chest on their legs, with their head between their knees. Hold this position for at least one minute to five minutes – breathe calmly. Come back to the starting position and relax. This position makes the spine very flexible, strengthening the back muscles and abdominal muscles, which is a guarantee that you will stay younger for longer. Shapes the waist. Removes the “bacon rolls”.

Detoxify the body – exercise for 30 minutes every day

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Then comes the “fish”. With this yoga exercise suitable for beginners, you will strengthen your back and do something for your heart. The legs are stretched out and the arms lie relaxed to the right and left of the upper body. You continue to breathe in and out relaxed. As you inhale, lift your chest and tilt your head back. Also, squeeze your shoulder blades together. Make sure that your body weight is mainly supported by your hands and elbows, not your head. Now tense the muscles of the lumbar vertebrae. You will then be doing the exercise properly when the stretch is in the chest and not the lumbar area. To make it easier for you to perform the asana, you can also leave the back of your head on the floor or use a blanket or towel as a headrest. Hold this position for a few breaths and then move your body back to the starting position.

Detoxify the body – the yoga exercise cobra

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The last position is called “Cobra”. Lie on your stomach, straighten your feet and legs. Put your hands close to your body at shoulder level with your palms facing down and pull your shoulder blades back. The fingertips point forward. Put your forehead on the floor and tense your buttocks. The main work is done by the back muscles, whereby the pelvis should remain in contact with the floor. Hold this position for five to 30 seconds, then return vertebra by vertebra to the starting position. The head lowers at the end.