Calorie consumption yoga: How many calories you burn with the different types of yoga!

Regardless of what our fitness goal is, it’s always good to know roughly how many calories we burn while exercising. We all know by now that the calorie consumption in the gym on the treadmill or cross trainer is quite high. But what about yoga? As they say – food nourishes the body and yoga training nourishes the soul and spirit. It is therefore no wonder that yoga has become one of the most popular sports in Germany for several years. Good yoga training strengthens and stretches the body and makes us feel more relaxed and balanced. There is a common myth that yoga doesn’t burn calories the way other workouts do. But that is far from the truth – depending on the type and style, different muscle groups are promoted and trained. So … how many calories does yoga burn? We explain everything you should know about calorie consumption yoga!

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Yoga is based on a centuries-old tradition and is constantly being developed – there are now more than 130 different types of yoga. Exercising regularly can reduce stress and anxiety, as well as significantly improving our mood, concentration, and cognitive functions. In addition to these benefits, a good yoga workout could promote weight loss. In fact, yoga describes an eight-limb path to enlightenment, which was defined by Patanjali’s “Yoga Sutra”. Asanas or the poses are the physical practice that we call yoga and are just one link on this path. Experienced “yogis” claim that you burn almost as many calories with a demanding and more intensive yoga training than during 1 hour on the treadmill.

How Much Calories Does Yoga Burn And Can You Lose Weight With It?

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Starting something new can be pretty intimidating, but even more so when we’re not sure what we’re getting into. And with the large selection of yoga styles, beginners can quickly lose track of them. Regardless of whether you are looking for intense and fast workouts or slower and more relaxing workouts, there is bound to be a yoga class that will suit your needs and interests. Not all yoga is created equal – the different styles are based on different poses and levels of activity, which means that some burn more calories than others. We also have to mention that the calorie consumption of yoga also depends on other factors, including length and intensity of the session, gender, age and your fitness level.

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In addition, the calorie consumption of yoga beginners is slightly higher in the first 4 to 5 weeks. This is mainly due to the fact that you are not yet familiar with the movements and will have to exert more effort on your body to move from one asana to the next. Unfortunately, there is no single answer to the question of whether you can lose weight with yoga. When it comes to losing weight, the main thing is to burn more calories than you take in. So yes – as long as you stick to this rule, you can lose weight with yoga training. Scientific studies have shown that people who practice yoga regularly maintain a healthy diet and often practice intuitive eating.

Calorie Burn Vinyasa Yoga

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Vinyasa yoga is also known as flow yoga and is a fairly intense and strenuous yoga style. All asanas are connected in a flowing, powerful process. In this yoga style, the movements are synchronized with the breath, so that an exhausting “flow” develops. In Vinyasa Yoga, the sequence of the asanas is not fixed, so that everyone can find their own flow. It offers the perfect balance between calm, vitality, relaxation and dynamism and is perfect for everyone who wants to burn a few extra calories. The calorie consumption of Vinyasa Yoga is mainly influenced by the intensity of the flow. Some of the asanas that particularly promote fat burning are sun salutation, chair, chaturanga dandasana and the plank. For example, if you weigh 60 kilograms and are 1.60 meters tall, your Yoga Flow calorie expenditure will be between 550 and 580 calories.

And how is the calorie consumption of yoga hatha?

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Hatha Yoga is the most famous type of yoga in the world and is considered the foundation for all other styles of yoga. The word “Hatha” results from the words “Ha” (sun) and “Tha” (moon) and stands as a symbol for the merging of opposites. It includes asanas as well as movement sequences (vinyasa), mental relaxation techniques, meditation and breathing exercises. Since the level of difficulty and the intensity of the exercises only increase over time, this yoga style is perfect for beginners. Compared to Vinyasa, the calorie consumption of Yoga Hatha is not that high and is around 180 calories per session. This is because the focus is on holding the asanas for longer periods of time to improve balance and stretch.

That’s how high the calorie consumption of Yin Yoga is

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Named after the “Yin” of “Yin / Yang”, this yoga style is fairly new and the focus is primarily on deep relaxation and deep breathing. The asanas are performed by weak candlelight and very slowly and held for a longer period of time. Beginners usually start with 2-3 minutes and slowly work your way up over time until you hold the positions for 8-10 minutes. The longer stretching mainly strengthens the fasciae and connective tissue. The postures are mostly performed sitting or lying down and if you want to lose weight with yoga, Yin Yoga is rather unsuitable. But if you are constantly stressed and looking for some rest or just want to relax, then you are in good hands! The calorie consumption of yin yoga is around 100 calories per session and the yoga style would be an excellent addition to your usual exercise plan.

Really work up a sweat with Power Yoga: Calorie Consumption Yoga Ashtanga

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Ashtanga Yoga is also known as Power Yoga in the fitness studios. It’s a super dynamic and powerful direction that’s perfect for anyone who craves high calorie yoga 30 minutes! The exercise system is based on 6 fixed asana series with different levels of difficulty, which are carried out in a fixed order. As with Vinyasa, the flow of movement is synchronized with the breath. The exercises are always carried out in quick succession and without a break in between, which in turn significantly increases the yoga kcal consumption. In order to become familiar with the prescribed sequences of the asanas, it is recommended to attend an introductory lesson first. The calorie consumption of Yoga Ashtanga is between 400 and 500 calories per hour. Although Ashtanga forms the basis for Power Yoga, there are two different styles. Power Yoga is a fairly new style of yoga that was developed by the American Bryan Kest and the order of the asanas is flexible.

The latest fitness trend: burn calories with HIIT yoga!

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Push the body to its limits in 30 minutes and really get the metabolism going – these are just some of the advantages of HIIT training. And how does a HIIT workout and yoga sound in one? The two sports couldn’t be more different, right? HIIT Yoga, also known as “athleticflow”, is the latest fitness trend and combines the best of both types of training. The concept is fairly new and was only developed a few years ago by the couple Nora and Simon Kisten from Zurich. While yoga exercises balance, relaxation and gentle stretching, the HIIT elements ensure maximum effort and make you really sweat! The workout usually lasts 60 minutes and consists of some warm up exercises, followed by leg, upper body and full body exercises and ends with a yoga session. Depending on the intensity, the calorie consumption of HIIT Yoga is between 600 and 800 calories per workout.

Burn Calories With Yoga – These asanas increase the calorie consumption of yoga

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Now that you can calculate your average yoga calorie consumption, let’s tell you which asanas you should incorporate into your routine to burn some extra calories. Complex positions such as the chair, the sun salutation and the plank exercise require more balance, strength and stretching and thus stimulate fat burning. Here are some yoga suggestions to get the most out of your yoga practice!

  • Plank (Chaturanga) – In contrast to the classic plank exercise, we lean on our hands in this position. It’s an excellent exercise for working multiple muscle groups at the same time. As you do this, make sure your body is in a straight line and your hands are just below your shoulders.
  • Calorie consumption yoga sun salutation – The sun salutation is a staple food in Vinyasa Yoga and consists of a total of 12 asanas such as the stick position and the plank. The gentle sequences of movements and the change between the positions get the circulation going and ensure that all muscles are used.

Full body workout for home calorie consumption yoga beginners

  • The high lunge – You are probably already familiar with classic lunges and some of their many variations from the gym. It’s the perfect position to train and strengthen your buttocks, legs and inner thighs.
  • The wheel (Chakrasana) is one of the most demanding yoga positions and is therefore only suitable for advanced practitioners. It improves flexibility and strengthens arms, shoulders and legs at the same time.

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