Bulgarian Bag effective for muscle building and strength training

Bulgarian Bag for muscle building-leather-variant-M

Of the Bulgarian Bag is a new type of training device that looks like a belt-shaped sandbag. The belt-sized sandbag was originally developed for wrestlers and martial artists so that they could train extra strength and super muscles. Today it is conquering sports studios and the private fitness area. Have you heard of this interesting exercise device? Neither have we until recently. Therefore we wanted to introduce you to the Bulgarian Bag in more detail.

Bulgarian Bag – The Invention


The name is of course no coincidence. The practical training device was invented in 2005 by the former Bulgarian wrestling champion Ivan Ivanov, who now trains a Greco-Roman wrestling team in the USA. In his Training center he was looking for a way to strengthen the grip strength and cardiovascular performance of his wrestlers. He was inspired by old Bulgarian stories. Back then, the farmers on the market square carried their goats and sheep by their shanks and tossed their “goods” around in front of the audience in order to present them and sell them at a good price.

Bulgarian Bag suitable for every athlete

bulgarian bag muscle building-strength-training-every-athlete-suitable

Thanks to its shape and the integrated handles, it can be thrown, caught, turned, spun, etc. It is made of fabric or leather and filled with wool and sand. Bulgarian Bags are available in different weight classes from 5 to 22 kilos (XS to XL sizes). XS and S are only intended for women, while XL is suitable for very well trained athletes. For a body weight of 68 – 86 kg, the 12 kg Bulgarian Bag (M) is usually chosen. The bag can be used by professionals as well as amateurs and fitness athletes.


In addition to building muscle, you can also train your speed of reaction, endurance and the cardiovascular system. It not only strengthens the entire upper body, back and arms, but also the stomach, legs and buttocks. Abdominal crunches, swing, sling and lifting exercises strengthen the entire musculoskeletal system and ensure effective full-body training. The advantage of the Bulgarian Bag compared to conventional sandbags lies in its handles and shape, which make it easier to hold the sandbag during dynamic exercises.


Boredom cannot arise with the Bulgarian Bag, because there are numerous exercises and training options that can be tried out. The workouts are composed of eight to ten exercises and are designed with little to no breaks. Then take a break of 4-5 minutes and repeat the circle. The most famous exercise with the Bulgarian Sandbag is called “Around the world”. It is thrown around the body. Snatches, wood chops, squats, lunges, push-ups: you can combine several exercises with each other. Versatility is one of the main advantages of this training device.


If you want to buy an original Bulgarian sandbag, you can visit the Foeldeak Shop. They are not exactly cheap, but you are rewarded with longevity and quality of the product. The vinyl version costs 140 euros and up and the leather version starts at 150 euros.